Pellet Guns on People is a Crime against Humanity


Not just in Kashmir; Pellet Guns used against Citizens and Civilians, in short on People, is a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY.

Pellet gun wounds vivid

From …See link below, and Please SIGN.

Am hearing over TV that ‘soon’ alternatives to Pellet guns would be introduced in Kashmir.

I seem to have said this a 100 times.

  • WHY are you not using the Water Cannon?
  • WHY are you not using Rubber Bullets?

Are not Kashmiris Indians?

That the Administration (government) orders Rape and Pellet guns, and that the Officers of the Armed Forces Carry them out, means that they should have SEDITION CHARGES plied against them, namely, the Administration and the Officers.




  1. I’ve added my name to this petition and the previous one. I don’t think just people from India should sign these things. If the Indian officials see that the world is watching what they are up to then maybe we can instil some shame in them. Or at least some national pride, which might make them change.
    Thanks for sharing, Baba.

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    • Things seem to have gone beyond all this, my Dear Sarah. We, the Common Citizens depend on what the media condescends to share with Us. But Countries have satellites, spy agencies and what not, and WOULD be in the know.

      It is apparent that these things have been accepted, in the interest of mammon.

      I have, again and again and again, spoken about the Water Cannon, Tear Gas, – the effect of which is much more temperary, and at most, Rubber bullets. But who would listen?

      Thanks for the support, my Dear Sarah. Love and Regards. 🙂


      • You’re most welcome. I’m sorry things are so bad. I hope a miracle happens and that India is able to clean up its “upper” echelons. Corruption among the powerful is a tremendous burden for the rest of society. I hope something happens to stir their hearts enough to change things.

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