Holiday Mode!


Honestly, Didn’t even know such things existed. But I have heard it mentioned by one of my Nephews, so must be part of the New English. Hm.

My Nephew, Salan by name and a Very nice fellow, being a Computer ‘Geek,’ (see, I am also trying out those new-fangled words!), …Often goes into this Holiday Mode. But then he has reason to. He frequently works 18 hours a day, (against my measly 10), and so he would be needing that.

Well, My own Engine was making noises, and You can say I have been ‘Forced’ to go into this thing. …But am Quite beginning to Like it! 🙂

Of course I am having my ‘Holiday’ right inside my Room, doing Less writing work and watching More TV! Hehe! 🙂 …But my cell-phone camera seems to be ‘Jinxed.’ I saw it flying around and taking various shots of my ‘Holiday-ing.’ All images from the Internet, of course! 🙂

hols a

hols b

hols c

[ This last one should be called: ‘Voluntary Frying of the Brain! Haha. 🙂 ]

More Later, Folks! Love and Allabest! 🙂



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