What happens when a Woman Travels Alone… A TRUE Incident


[ All details changed. ]

An hour ago I got a phone call from a friend. He was perturbed. His Daughter, aged about 26 years, was to return from Villupuram in Tamil Nadu, and should have reached home by about 6.30 PM. (Am writing this at about 7.50 PM). It seems there are plenty of ‘Strikes’ going on at the moment.

For about the last 3 Hours, he has not been able to reach her on the phone. What was More worrisome was that some ‘Other’ woman had answered the phone, and had said that the Young Woman had ‘given her the Sim card.’ Unbelievable.

The First thing was to Pray. I started doing that Immediately. Request Your Prayers too.


In India, Women Almost Never Travel Alone. Not over Long distances.

We might hate it when some ‘minister’ says that by way of advice to Visitors to India. But What is the Situation but that?


[ Shall keep You updated on that. But as of now, after about 90 minutes of wait, the Young Woman has not arrived. ]


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