4/21/2016 I Lost My Mentor Prince (A Re-blog)


The Great Love that Westerners have for ‘Singers’ is something very ‘foreign’ to Us Indians. Not that We are better.

Would say We are the Worse, running after Cinema Stars, making them chief ministers, ministers, law makers, and even going to the extent of giving their ‘posters’ ‘Milk baths,’ and worse, committing Suicide because We (Information Technology Experts!) could not see the ‘first show’ of a movie.

In that way find many of these Singers worth attention.

Seems these are ‘Prince’s’ words, (or words that he sang. Same thing. Shows his mind-set). …

“It won’t be long before the second coming… All of God’s children must learn how 2 love.” -Prince 1982

“Sacred is the prayer that asks 4 nothing, while seeking 2 give thanks 4 every breath we take. Blessed are we inside this prayer, 4 in the new world we will be there. The only love there is, is the love we make.” -Prince 1996

Recall that Michael Jackson also sang something on Ecology, …and remember the words: ‘War, What is it good for,’ etc.

Kudos to such Souls who have Inspired People All over the world.

Thanks and Love to Belinda for sharing this with Us.




I just wanted 2 say thank U 2 everyone who offered their sentiments about my mentor Prince. I apologize 4 not being able 2 receive ur communications right away. At the moment I am still unable 2 conjure my own existence 2 speak on his. 💔 Without knowledge, this wonderful man has held me down since my mom passed when I was in my teens. I’m in my 50’s now. The fruits of his tree have nourished my spiritual journey 4 over 3 decades.

I’m so earthshakingly devastated that I can’t breathe. I waited 4 a response 2 my tweet 2 him, that would allow me 2 breathe again, but it did not come. I have not taken a sacred breath in 5 days because I felt the centrifugal force he talked about in “One Song”, shifting him back to 1.

I am broken now. But all that I…

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