My 1,000th Post… With a Reblog: The Lost Evening!


Word Press, as it kindly does, informs me that this is my 1,000th post. Ahem.

Had wanted this to be something Special. And even have Ideas and Material ready for it. But when I came across this post of Karolina, find that it Echoes just what I say in my Blog.

Karolina, I have found, is a past master of Satire. Here is a little taste from her post:

‘People drinking cocktails, wearing the latest fashions–you know, doing the things that really mattered.’


Much Love, Happiness and Peace to One and All. And Happy Caring! Regards. 🙂



Natasha wrinkled her nose at the computer.  It was another e-mail from that annoying Eurobrat chick, inviting her to yet another lame party.

There would be many selfie-worthy parties around town this weekend, but this wouldn’t be one of them.  It would be an event for a good cause and it would be full of the depressing people who cared about good causes.  Beers For Prairie Dogs!  the e-mail proudly proclaimed.  Natasha had seen enough.

She was about to delete the e-mail, when something caught her eye.  Could it be?  Was one of the Kardashian sisters really going to be calling into the event live?  And who knew she cared so much about prairie dogs?


Her plan was to hang out in the corner of the room, close enough to hear that sultry Kardashian voice, but far enough not to have to interact with any of the political dorks. …

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