3 Things, and More Thoughts!


This is a sequel to my earlier post on Dear Belinda’s article <https://largeroomnolight.wordpress.com/2016/07/04/4-a-day-food-budget-challenge/&gt;. I must confess that my earlier one had left a feeling inside me that I had not put things too well. Am trying to correct that herein.

We shall take All the former things as said.

Please, Let it NOT be thought that I am mocking People in the West, showing that We in India live much Cheaper. Not at All.

I have a Veritable Anger, a Burning Anger, against all those responsible for the situation in the West, and in So many places all around the world. My Anger is Such that first it Debilitated me, and then, once I got going on this, is giving me Strength to go on with it, and, let me Confess that I would be Ready to Tear their Hearts out, literally, if I could.

I read in ‘Equinoxo’s’ blog, <https://equinoxio21.wordpress.com/> 6,500 People are Homeless in San Francisco, and, as he says, the number is just growing.

My Anger is towards those who just put the rates Up!

Why is Land and Housing So Expensive in the West? Why is Everything So costly there?

It is Greed. Oh, Everybody is greedy. But is there No difference between wanting to eat another Ice Cream, and Gobbling up another man’s business, house, orchard or property?

As I have said, I am No economist. But I venture that all this is so because:

A:       1% calls the shots,


B:     9% Make it Possible, – after all the plans cannot be executed without Middle-men, touts, bureaucrats, complacent police and generals gone on sale.



C:     89% Couldn’t Care Less, or Won’t Take the Necessary Steps, even unto Raising their voices, for or against, – who will vote for the person who says: “To confront terrorism, you have to take out their families.” From:



See how happy they are! They have their Grass, and even Flowers, the Sky, Clouds and an Attendant! And Houses, Jobs, Motorcycles, Cars, and…

You would have noticed that the numbers add up to 99 there above. The rest of the 1% are the Mad Prophets like Us, and the Very Few who Shout along with Us.


Believe You me, Not just Jonah, Yesudas would Very much like to Keep his Big mouth Shut. But the Fire will not let Us do that.

Had occasion to see what started off as the ‘B-52’ graveyard. But a site I went into shows many more, other planes. It is Not the types of planes that I want to refer to here, but the Sheer numbers. Such Expensive aircraft, So many of them, Merrily Abandoned. No, No, No, I am Not saying they should be put to use, particularly as military weapons. You can have a look see here:


What I mean is, Building Planes, Discarding them, and Building New ones now, further. What Sort of Brainlessness is this? Again, putting it in other words, What I am objecting to is this Sheer Waste of Our Money, Yours and Mine. …Oh, the manufacturing companies have to keep doing that, or else their profit Ceases. But We, – since We of the Blogging world have our Houses, Jobs, Computers, Smartphones, and above all our Beers, – Will Not bother about such Wastes.

[ And here, by the way, while Billions are being Wasted, found Many comments about Mother Teresa having ‘wasted’ Millions. The subject crops up widely in the comments. ]

And People Struggle to Eat 3 Plain Meals a Day.


They are Greedy.

But their Greed gets Satisfied Because We are Silent.


I BEG of You, Folks, whatever Your Speciality, be it Photography, Travel, Science, Mathematics, Arts, whatever., Do, Please, Contribute at least One post At Least Once a Month, on Social Issues, be it Ever So Small.

Hearty Regards.


17 thoughts on “3 Things, and More Thoughts!”

  1. 😱 Oh no Swami Yesudas. Please don’t worry. I love and appreciate all that you share. ❤️ I write to cleanse my mind, elicit thoughts and opinions and to learn from them. I know that there are so many differences all around the world. I’ve never been to another country. Knowledge and insight from someone close to an experience that is foreign to me is always welcome. America is truly a spoiled nation. Sometimes it’s difficult to see that when this is all we know. But I’ve seen enough (second hand) to know that our impoverished would be considered privileged in some other countries. But I know that governments are inconsiderate, selfish, greedy and power hungry. And this is why so many suffer needlessly at the hands of those charged with protecting them. In the city where I live, developers can take 3 family buildings and turn them into lavish single family homes for wealthy families. That means there will be two less apartments available because one greedy rich person combined 3 apartments into one so they can have a palace in an urban environment. Your anger is most definitely justified. Sharing what you are passionate about makes others around you think about what they are passionate about. There is nothing wrong with healthy debate. You are a vessel of enlightenment. Feel free to always share whatever is on your mind. My mind is a thirsty sponge, always willing to soak up new experiences and energies. Thank you as always for sharing your world with me.✨🙏🏽

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    1. VERY Happy to see this response from You, my Dear Belinda.

      I have Never been out of India myself. So, I don’t think I am any different from You.

      Actually I think that the People in the West are suffering More than the poor of Our country. We seem to be Used to it.

      Glad to be Friends with You, my Dear Belinda. Love and Regards, and All the Very Best. 🙂

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      1. I hope I don’t forget. I’m preparing to go on pilgrimage to Lisieux to venerate the relics of my patron saint, The Little Flower.
        I’ve made a note of your challenge so that I will remember to work on it, probably when I get back from France.

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      2. Sure I will pray for You. “HE (The Lord) will protect You as You Come and (as You) Go, Now and for Ever!” Psalm 121:8.

        You know that Psalms 121 and 91 are Great Blessings of Protection!

        Remain Assured. Love and Blessings. 🙂

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