Tweets on the Indo-Pak situation, as in Sep ’16.


Indian Soldiers have died at Uri in India. India blames Pakistan for this, and Pakistan, in its turn, has gone to the extent of saying that the event was ‘Staged’ by India!!!

That Hardly seems possible.

In the meantime, modi’s government is of the opinion that ‘terrorism’ is India’s No. 1 Problem. I Strongly Disagree. Water Scarcity and the Damage to Farming and Farmers are the Real Issues for Us Today.

For all that, there is talk of trying to get Pakistan to stop aiding Terrorists. Economic Sanctions, Surgical Strikes, and Even Stopping Water to that country are being considered.

In the map below, of the rivers marked in ‘Blue,’ the three Southern ones are the ones in question.


Map from the Internet. I DO NOT vouch for the veracity of the Borders.

Here are some Tweets I fired up on the subject. Tell me how much You agree with me on them.


1. #NoWater2Pak: Have already written about this Inhuman, Barbaric tactic, Unworthy of India.

2. #NoWater2Pak: The Pretext being generated is: India wants to ‘Fully Utilize’ its share of the Water.

3. #NoWater2Pak: And behold, We have the #CauveryDispute, as Yet on the boards.

4. #NoWater2Pak: Is it going to be, One rule across borders and one within?

5. #NoWater2Pak: If India can ‘Fully Utilize’ its share of Water in case of Pak, cannot Karnataka do that?!

6. #NoWater2Pak: #centre seems to be setting #Precedent for #Karnataka citing this. This can lead to #CIVILWAR bet K’taka and TN!

7. #NoWater2Pak: When #RajivGandhi had been PM, he was blamed for rasing the #ForeignHand to Hide Local problems.

8. #NoWater2Pak: #modi‘s govt doing the same; raising #ForeignHand and#Ignoring #Problems of #Farmers.


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