Thank You, Jim Trelease! – The Power of Reading Aloud to Children


My Father had a good library, and he had also built a small one for Us, his Children. Some of them were what We called ‘Jolly-Jump’Up’s’ which stood out upon opening.

I do not recall my parents having ‘Read out’ to Us, though they had ‘told’ Us those stories.

My Sister carried on that tradition.


I have seen, and continue to see, No books of anything other than School/College stuff in homes now.

Education in India has become a question of ‘Mugging up,’ and more of it. This trend started about 40 years ago, I would say.

Even when the Child returns from School, it is packed off almost Immediately to Tution and Coaching classes. Children do Not know what Play is.


But Earlier, Parents, and Grand parents in particular, would tell Children stories at their ‘Knee.’ These were not just for Entertainment, but also covered Morals and History.

That has Totally Disappeared. Which is a Tragedy. And the lack of those values learnt the knees has led to Lack of Concern for Others.


Reading to Children, Spending Time with them, and Teaching them Values, Morals and History, has to Come Back.


Oxford Tutoring

Picture copy.jpg My son, Matt, reading to my four grandchildren.

Reading aloud to my four children is one of the fondest memories I have of their growing up years.  They are all adults now with their own families and busy lives, but I have wonderful memories of cuddling on the couch with them, reading stories together, watching their eyes light up as we traveled to other lands and other times through story.

As a teacher, reading to my children seemed a natural part of the parenting process.  Even when they were babies, they would sit on my lap as we enjoyed books like Pat the Bunny.  As they grew older, we graduated to story books.  Some were fairy tales, some were Bible stories, but all were chances to bond together over printed word. They had their favorites that they asked to be read to them over and over and over. We went…

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