Violence is a Very Poor Answer!


We could start with the Incident at Uri. India seems to have ‘Avenged,’ Retaliated against the attack by a ‘Surgical’ one.

In connection with all this, showing their Anger against pakistan, the MNS (a branch of the Shiv Sena in Maharashtra) and the VHP (the Vishva Hindu Parishad, an organization of rather right wing in nature), have Banned pakistani Artists from working/performing in India.

Salman Khan, a rather popular and eminent actor of North India has spoken out, saying that the Arts and Terrorism cannot mix, and should be kept Separate, meaning all thereby that the Imposition against pakistani Artists should Not be there. He is being criticized for it, and We could say, being Isolated. Foolish and Sad.

In one of the many so called TV debates over these issues, the spokesperson for the ruling party Blithely said that the Surgical strikes in particular should be seen as a matter of Pride. He further went on to say that Surgical, Overt, Military, Minimalist and Major, All sorts of Military operations should be considered against Pakistan.


I am a person who considers even Jailing somebody as Violence. And that Severe Actions should be taken against Drug Dealers, Rapists and Acid Throwers. I would even recommend that Nails (one inch ones would be Enough!) – be driven into the bodies of these Criminals. And that I support Pain (Torture), and Not Death, for these.

I further go on to say that JUDGES in particular Must be made to Realize what Real Life Is.

In the Olden days, Kings, even Emperors, used to go out of their Palaces, leaving off all vestige of Royalty, like a Commoner, and came to know of the Problems and Pains of the Subjects. Indian History tells us that they even visited Military Camps. They used to Aid the Needy, and Punished the Wicked.

King Harshavardhana, one of the Last Emperors of India, who reigned between c 606 and 647 AD, was Famous for doing the above.

Today No politician, judge nor officer knows of the Pains or Problems of the People. Which is Why People’s lives or lots do not change, and We get No Justice from judges.

My contention is that they should be Made to Realize Real Life. That, Alas, would take what Much of world, from its Comfortable Armchairs, calls Violence. First, on Violence. People speak about Peaceful Means, and Rousing up the ‘Conscience‘ of the Oppressors, through Ahimsa.

They are Easily Silenced. I would like to know if Hitler, or Saddam Hussein, to name just two, could have been brought to ‘See their Ways’ through Any Peaceful means. These few lines should be able to End the argument. The ‘evil’ Are going to be there. And Violence Is a Necessary, though Sad Means of Containing them.

Violence, in the sense of Force, is Not the Problem. The problem is, ‘WHO’ is going to Wield it.

And for Heaven’s sake, Let’s Kill off Drug Lords and such. Makes No sense in building Expensive containment facilities for them, only to have them living there as Kings, and to escape at will, to continue their merry business once again.


Above: Peru’s Guzman is a notorious example. Said to be Guilty of having ordered the death of 60,000 people(!), this is how he was transferred to his place of incarceration. He had escaped from even that place, but was thankfully captured again. There he is, sitting like a ‘lord;’ a war ship, special commandos, and very special underground cell, and the attendant guards, all chalked up to Our expense. While Billions go Hungry and Homeless. …What a waste. Spend it on a Single Bullet.

As You would see, I Advocate Sufficient Use of Force to Contain evil, as Corrective Punishment.


FOR – ALL – THAT, to come back to Uri, many people all over India, and the Indian Media in particular, calling for ‘Teaching’ pakistan a lesson through Military means, (the media does not do this directly, of course), just have No Idea of what War is.


A picture I have Already used. But one of the Very Best for Our purposes. An Injured Indian Soldier. Salutations to Him. …More text follow the graphics, in continuation.


On the Field, they do not get Bandaged up Immediately. They fight on, amidst Death, the Blood and Gore.


He must have been a Very Handsome looking Young man. We are speaking about ‘Looks’ only here. The Trauma he has suffered, and that will shake him up on a Daily basis, are Well and Truly Hidden.


African, Or…inj-sol-f-brit

In this case British, …they All look the Same when they get Maimed and Injured.


These are the ‘Effects’ of War.


Their Friends try to drag them to Safety.


Statue of Injured, Battle Weary Soldiers. Created especially for the Emotions pictured on their faces and in their Eyes.


So far, I have shown, and been able to show, Only pictures of What happens to Soldiers. The effects of Battle on Ecology, the Land, Houses and Habitation, and Particularly on People And On Children, is Devastating. You are Invited and Requested to pay attention to footage’s of Bombings and Shellings shown on Your TV. They give a goodly idea indeed.


And HUNDREDS of Soldiers Die in case of War.


If After all this somebody still wants India to Initiate Military steps and actions against pakistan, then…

But the Main Problem of the World is Not Violence. It is Apathy.

Happy Gandhi Jayanthi to You All! May the recalling of his Birth remind Us and Encourage Us to search for Ways to Peace.

All graphics from the Internet.


7 thoughts on “Violence is a Very Poor Answer!”

  1. Your pain over the injustice in the world is obvious, Swami. I can readily empathize. Reforms are clearly necessary. Evil must be opposed. When it assumes massive proportions, even the patience of pacifists and saints can be strained to the breaking point. As you say, apathy can be as great a problem as violence, itself.

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    1. Thank You, my Dear Anna! …But I have come to see Apathy as the Greatest Sin.

      It is a State of Mind. Unlike Anger, or Violence, which could pass. Positive Action being the Only way, (besides the workings of Divine Providence, of course), having the Power, and being the Best means of Restoring Order, Inaction is Horrible, but Apathy is the Worst, as it would Never Act.

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