• Yes, my Dear Chris! …Invoking, as it does, a certain squemishness about using dirty water, am horrified by the way people in our area use the water in the canals, which are dirty, with garbage and even people washing their backsides there. They bathe there, wash their clothes, and, horror of horrors, wash even their Utensils there.

      No wonder Indians do not do well in the Olympics. 😦


      • I do think that this is a Cartoon, and has no Reality behind it, my Dear Chris! But I have heard of Soldiers making do with a Helmet-ful of Water, People in the Deserts ‘Wiping’ their Utensils instead of Washing them, and all!

        And it is not only People in the West who are rather ‘liberal’ with Water and other Resources.

        Many in India use Water sent over Common taps to Wash their houses, and on a Regular basis too!

        May Good sense prevail. Regards. 🙂

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