Truth, and Freedom


hitler had said,

“If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”

As Friend Madelyn of <; shared with me…

Joseph Goebbels had said that the truth is the greatest enemy of the State. …Evidently, it Need Not be, Unless the State is an evil one! Goebbels admits to the evil of his time and regime by his statement. …And Conversely, Truth becomes the Way to Freedom from the evil state.

And here is the full quote that she shared (I had not know this).

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” ~ Joseph Goebbels

I am Proud that India has ‘Satyameva Jayate’ (Truth Alone Wins!) as Our Motto. I give the words in the Devanagari script, or the Hindi script as it would be popularly known, below.

सत्यमेव जयते!


22 thoughts on “Truth, and Freedom”

  1. That statement was made to explain the “State” of America and the “State” of England.
    Was it Hitler who bombed Magi Saki AFTER the Japanese


    1. Homer, I find You too Cryptic. Have been to Your site and liked quite a few (Non political) posts. But not (even) sure if You are critising Hillary.

      I am a person who like things in Black and While.

      And, sadly, am not too great in History. I am under the impression that hitler was dead and when the atom bombs were dropped.

      EVEN IF OTHERWISE, leaving aside the use of nuclear weapons, do you mean to say that an attack on the scale of the Pearl Harbour one should have been ignored? Would that have promoted Peace and Stopped the War?


      1. You may comment on my sites, you may criticize. I will recede like the waves of the ocean. Just know that I pound rocks also.


      2. Swami, did you presume that I have not, in great hopes, read your rants, rythems and reasons?
        There is much about your works that are noteworthy. I find much truth in what you grin or grit to.
        I am not a Nazi I may be a fascist…not certain. I may be a bigot, semantics. Semantics. I find you a contortion, a tangle, an enigma of sorts. You love your Indian people, I love my Nordic, Germanic People.
        It was not ” Hitler’s Germany”
        It was “Germany’s Hitler”
        He was loved. Never forget that. He was loved.
        He freed Germany from the international bankers you descry in your posts.
        He gave Germans back the pride of accomplishments as a nation
        You have pictured ‘liberaters’ of your own race in favorable light.
        And what would the British have to say about them?
        The east Indian trading company were pirates…not the victims they hanged and called pirates.
        Your liberaters fought and bravely denounced the intruders in your land. Hitler did no less l was not afraid to read “Mein Kamph” nor was I afraid to go to Germany and do some math.
        Nor was I afraid to speak out on the horrors and murders perpetrated on millions of Palestinians by the Jews, who are as much God’s chosen as Esau is the Emanuel… Not!
        I reseachered mountains of hideous forgery called “Nuremberg trials”
        Does justice belong only to the Hindi? The siks? The Punjab courts? Or can the Germans who paid with the lives of their virgins find justice among Jewish merchants..moneylender…international bankers.
        In 1933 the New York Times ran the headlines:JEWS DECLARE WAR ON GERMANY.
        That was 1933, not 1940.
        Why did Jews declare war? Because Jewish bankers were deported. Albert Einstein, Sigmund Freud, Alfred Hitchcock, Charlie Chaplin, Marlene Dietrich and so many others involved in shocking pornography were deported back to Hollywood where they came from. Berlin was the sex perverts capitol of the world because of Jewish swine.
        Hitler cleaned that up. You do not have to Like what he did..who he was. He was not may find some pain to learn that much of India loved and supported him. Except the captives of international banking.
        If you have read this Far, then I will ask you one question: what is the solution to the millions of your people enslaved to banking?
        If you do not answer, I will know that the word “Hitler” paralyzed your ability to research…nice mind trick of the Jewish bankers


      3. I do answer, but not to your liking. To the ‘banking,’ drive about 1 inch nails, about 100 of them all over the body. Ditto for the dirty judges, etc.

        Howmuchever you may love your hitler, I still believe that he had killed Millions of the Innocent, which None of the Liberators in Our History of Freedom did.

        The Sikhs Had taken to terrorism, which I have decried.

        you presume too much.


      4. Swami, it is you who presumes too much. You accuse me of loving Hitler. I never knew him. But my search for the truth did not start and end with Wikipedia!
        You claim to want truth. As a Swami, your alligiance must by algorithms tap into that
        It is up to you what you decide…or is it? Whose algorithms are you encoded with?
        I have a simple logistical question for you. (Do not fear the truth. It will be present on judgment day.)
        How do you destroy 8 thousand logs each and every day


      5. It must cross your Stalin was murdering millions of Russian citizens while Churchhill and Roosevelt partnered with him?
        How is that possible? You malign me for the very mention that Hitler could not have POSSIBLY done what he was accused of.
        There you sit on a jury …Christian. no less, and judge him with no more evidence than English ( who loved Stalin who murdered 60 million Russians) history.
        Your accusation are if you were a witness to something, which you are not. All I say about Hitler is a fair trial. Give him what the Saviour will give him; a fair trial.
        In your trial, demand the allies to produce Stalin and explain how he was such a friend to Great Britain and to American Jewish newspapers! Explain how John D. Rockefeller Sr. Sold Oil, gas and kerosene to him and “knew nothing” of his prison camps dotting the cast lands of Russia. Ask how a “Christian” nations of fools could not know the millions of Christion priests gunned down in the basements of their own churches, with blood rising up the stairways.. and who were the shooters? They were (((Marxists))) Read THE GULAG ARCHIPELAGO by Alexander Solzhenitsyn who was in that Gulag ( prison)
        I shake in remembrance of that great author.
        Never has such a horrid monstor like Stalin openly walked on this planet with the wink and nod of “Christian” leaders.
        Need I remind you of the “Christian” pilot who bombed Nagi Saki, Hiroshima and Dresden?
        One might say, the Japanese were not “Christian” and bombed Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, but a ” Christian” nation bombing Nagi Saki, using St Mary cathedral as ground zero? St Mary was the largest and oldest church in Asia! 12,000+ Christian members.
        What denizen from Hell bombed them?
        Well, I weary of this appeal to you…for what purpose? You are a fool. You have nothing to Swami me with.


      6. I condemn the crusades, the inquisition, stalin, the russian regime, mao’s and pol-pot’s times, and a hundred others, as well as your beloved hitler, with the same degree.

        I do not intend to respond to you, should you bother to keep writing here. I shall leave your comments herein, and let the reader’s decide.


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        Punjabi Proverbs – Add Your Favorites!

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        favorites language learn panjabiproverb proverbs punjabi


        1947-2014 (Archived)


        One way to learn a new language, or learn about one you already speak, is through proverbs.

        These are short sayings that say more than they mean in any language. You could call them quotes on life.

        Proverbs help build vocabulary, learn turns of speech or idioms, and give an insight or two into the culture of the people who speak a language.

        The list to follow is just a start. Feel free to add your own. Include both Engish and Punjabi so that some of our members are not left in the dark, and lose out on the fun.


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        #1May 13, 2013 

        Last edited: May 13, 2013

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        1947-2014 (Archived)


        From Wikiquotes

        آہلکیاں دے پنڈ وکھرے نئیں ہوندے
        ਆਲਸੀਆਂ ਦੇ ਪਿੰਡ ਵਿਹੜੇ ਨੀ ਹੁੰਦੇ
        Transliteration: “Aahlkiayan de pind vekhray naeen hondey.”
        English Translation: Villages of lazy people are not separated.
        Idiomatic Meaning: Lazy people live in same society.
        Sadey Akhan (ساڈے اکھان), p.29, (2004)

        جام دی رن تے بلی دے کن
        ਜਾਮ ਦੀ ਰੰਨ ਤੇ ਬਿੱਲੀ ਦੇ ਕੰਨ
        Transliteration: “Jam di rann tay billi day kenn.”
        English Translation: Wife of Jam and ears like cat.
        Idiomatic Meaning: Wealth without use is no wealth.
        Sadey Akhan (ساڈے اکھان), p.140, (2004)

        عشق مجازی تے تلکن بازی
        ਇਸ਼ਕ ਮਿਜ਼ਾਜੀ ‘ਤੇ ਤਿਲਕਨ ਬਾਜੀ
        Transliteration: “Ish mjazi tay tilken baazi.”
        English Translation: Love is a slippery game.
        Idiomatic Meaning: Love is a risky game.
        Sadey Akhan (ساڈے اکھان), p.268, (2004)

        شیرنی دا دد سونے دے پانڈے وچ ای سماندا اے۔
        ਸ਼ੇਰਨੀ ਦਾ ਦੁੱਧ ਸੋਨੇ ਦੇ ਭਾਂਡੇ ‘ਚ ਹੀ ਸਮਾਉਂਦਾ ਐ
        Transliteration: “Sherni da dud soney dey pandey vich ee smanda ae.”
        English Translation: Pot of gold is needed to keep the milk of lioness .
        Idiomatic Meaning: Extraordinary care is needed for unique things.
        Sadey Akhan (ساڈے اکھان), p.264, (2004)

        add a proverb to this list


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        #2May 13, 2013 

        Last edited: May 13, 2013


        1947-2014 (Archived)


        Jummeraat di jhari, ath din di khari. 
        it will continue to rain for eight days if it starts on a thursday

        Rakhiye te preet, nahi te paleet. 
        Love, if you sustain it. Futile, if you can’t.

        Har sufi saafi nahi hunda. 
        Careful, not every sufi is genuine.

        Gana te rona sabh nu aaunda ae. 
        Everybody sings and everybody cries.

        Gana te rona sabh nu aaunda ae. 
        You’ll sing and you’ll cry. That is human.

        Je sukh chahveń jeen da, khulle khambeeń udd.
        Life begins when you are absolutely free

        Baat badli, saakh badli. 
        Change your word and lose respect.

        Hatho hath nabeṙa, na jhagṙa na jheṙa. 
        Deals closed right at the spot spare you troubles later on

        Tu vi rani main vi rani, kon bhare ga pani?
        Where everybody wants VIP treatment, nothing gets done.

        Kothi wala roye, chhappar wala soye.
        The rich are restless, the poor sleep peacefully.

        Dhee moi, jawai chor. 
        Son-in-law is welcomed only until the daughter is alive.)

        aasa jiye, nirasa mare. 
        hope keeps you alive.

        turvaya taaN gaya, munda viaheya taaN gaya.
        Make change for a note or get your son married, they’re no longer yours.

        Nain mila ke kade chain nai milda. 
        Fall in love, embrace restlessness.

        Aap bure taañ jag bura, aap bhale taañ jag bhala. 
        Be good and people will be good to you. Be bad and expect the same.

        Parayi aas, aayi na raas.
        Expectations lead to disappointments.)

        Aata gundhi hildi kyon aeN? 
        Blaming someone for no reason.)

        Suno sub di, karo apni.
        Listen to everyone but do what you consider right.)

        Udeek naloN kahl changi. 
        It’s better do it yourself instead of waiting for someone else to get it done.

        Bhuk na mange lazataaN, ishq na puchhe zaat
        Hunger asks not for taste, love cares not about caste.

        JuvaaN wala sir saRe, Maran wala khassam mare.
        Death upon the husband who beats his wife; fire upon the head that’s full of lice.

        Shehar kih te mehar kih!
        brotherhood among city folks? you’re kidding me.

        Changi matt chaho taan buddhe nu puchhan jao.
        Need a good piece of advice? Consult an old person.

        Note turvaya taaN gaya, munda viaheya taaN gaya.
        Make change for a note or get your son married, they’re no longer yours.

        Turreya te appaReya. 
        You will reach the destination, once you start.

        Dharti jaid gareeb na koi, Indar jaid na data.
        Poorest of all is Earth, most gracious is God.

        Daal roti ghar di, vasakhi ambarsar di. 
        Best food is at home, best Vaisakhi in Amritsar.

        Rajjeya kih jane bhukke di saar. 
        Well-fed people don’t want to know how the hungry live.

        Ghar da jogi jogra, bahar da jogi sidh.
        a learned person is honored, except in their own house.

        Dadhe da hath chale, maRe di zaban. 
        The powerful use their hand, the weak their tongue.

        Jehri mauj chhaju de chobare, na oh balakh na bukhare. 
        East or west, home is best.

        Annhi peehe te kutte khaan. 
        No checks? Things are sure going to waste.

        Changi hoye ta apni, maRi waheguru di. 
        “I worked hard” if it’s good, “God’s will” when it’s bad.)


  2. Magi Saki should read Nagi Saki.
    If you want continue this shyt…absolute Shyte…that condemns Germans and their proud heritage, then your own search for truth is still held in abeyance because your teachers are English. Caveat!


    1. I am quite comfortable with what I have learnt, Homer. You, serving ‘Caveats’ and all! And Your liberal use of ‘Shyte.’

      To me, criticising the nazi era and hitler does not mean demeaning Germany, its Good People or Its Heritage.


      1. You are too comfortable. Do you not grasp at that? Do you not turn in your sleep?
        No images of failed life haunts you? You have no enemy?
        Who hath so bewitched you?
        Hear your own thoughts. You seek ‘justice’ and you publish lofty speeches. Go down to the Ganges. See what floats there. Who did this?


    2. I forgot to write about Dresden. As I have written, I do not know much History.

      But, observing Your own Aggression, and what I Accept as hitler’s annihilation of Millions, not only Jews, and the SS reportedly having going and settling in other countries, AND the neo nazis, Who knows who all were hiding in Dresden at the time of the bombing?


      1. We are both blind, you and I.
        I fail to see your peace and love poetry and you fail to see my enemies.
        We are both prisoner, you and I;
        You are confined by a monster dream that led the way to bigotry and mal content, mixing ape and Man, and I am confined by the monster shackles of your charges.
        We are both hypocrites, you and I; you plead for defenseless Indians, the poor, the dirty, the diseased, yet you eat your meals in feigned sorrow.
        I defend the Appalachian Whites who must die in coal mines, their bodies never recovered their starving children running in unshod feet through the bitter and unpretentious winter,while hoardes of useless apes March, rob, steal and kill.
        Eating sumptuously at the public trough. Dressing in colourful attire while children of my race perish. Yet I must profane correctness and offend God, by kneeling to the dark races lest they be offended.
        I recall an Indian once, named Mahatma, who held the English in disdain and dreadfully shuddered at their approach Yet he believed their magic. He believed their sorcery. He believed their version of History.

        We are both tools; you and I.
        A meddlesome party, an encroaching mob, demanding we side with them.
        You eat a vegetable and speak of peace to a wayward and rebellious people who control your income, your sustenance and your emotions by spreading diseases and claim to seek a cure.
        You watch the dead walking your streets while the free among you bloat and wash down the River. Failing to see the message in front of you, you embark to see who may be hiding in Dresdan. Who may be hiding in Pearl Harbor

        Note Bene:
        The flying tigers were American mercenaries allowed by China to cross the border into Japan and bomb them. Repeatedly, and against all the protests of Japanese voices. Meanwhile, the ‘ Merchants of Tennessee, USA’ kept selling Japan ‘ scrap metal’ knowing that in the late 1930s Japan was going to invade and punish China…and they did.
        These enterprising merchants , The Gore family..Al Gore, knew that eventually the Japanese were going to punish England who was pretending to be AMERICA.
        The motto of Germany in WWI was ” Gott Strafe England!”
        God Punish England.
        Do you think it was just a motto with vapors for a platform? ( like the platform of peace and love)
        I take it you are a Christian.
        As such you fail to see that a race of people, the saviour called “vipers”; a race of people the saviour Said was “children of the devil” a race of people Ian ( John) called “generation of vipers” yet you, Christian, cannot accept the truth that there is a race of creatures on this planet who sends millions of your own people, horribly scarred by destitution, disease and death, floating down the ‘holy’ Ganges.
        You cannot believe that a horrid creature, so vile, so evil and so hatefully against the saviour that he Said to them, ” how shall ye escape the punishment of Hell?”
        *You hatred of A. Hitler, your rebuke of him is unfounded and based on the report of some exceptionally evil HUmans. All the while you think. Millions of German Women tortured, raped and killed by the “liberaters” is justified. (Who knows who was hiding among them?)

        Yes,my deluded critic, it was a sad time, as Samson threaded out corn for an enemy who hated God and swore to destroy his children, but what he learned while in that blind state, having his eyes out out, gave him another sight. He gladly pulled down those pillars and put an end to a great party planned for his public enbarresment
        Next time you see the destitute and feeble meekly and humbly floating in the River, ask yourself who put them there. Was it planned long ago? Shed your tears if you must.It soothes your consciense It gives more wail and moans for the peace movement
        I hope one day to pet the crocodile and the Zebra together and watch them play.
        But Will I understand what I would see?
        Is not the drama of today splashing and thrashing in the waters before us? And sinking beneath our wisdom?
        We are both racist! You and I; you just do not know who the enemy is. Even when the Saviour clearly and plainly tells you
        I do not know the enemy, the wheat and the chaff look the same, even though I walk in those fields a life time. I do know that the weeds must be pulled out, or one day my own bloated body will join the voiceless reckoning in the River
        Caveat. ( does not mean what you think it does; neither does peace and love) cheers.


  3. Thanks for the mention, Swami. American politicians used to call lies “spin.” In this election cycle it has become more blatant. One seems to believe that ALL lies, shouted or tweeted repeatedly, will be believed. It’s terrifying to believe he might be right about the willingness of enough Americans that he might be elected to our highest office. God help us all.
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
    – ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”

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