Why People believe in Lies So Easily


It is said that St. Thomas Aquinas was told by his classmates that an Elephant was flying outside the classroom window, whereupon he went to the window and looked out. Whereupon, in turn, he was mocked and all that.

His Answer makes Edifying reading: “It is easier to believe that an elephant can fly than to believe that a friar can tell a lie.”

Not just Friars. I do believe We all render Our fellow brethren that Courtesy.

But When it to serious matters, it is Not Courtesy, but, in my Considered Opinion, Plain Laziness that drives Most to Believe in Lies.

Not that the Lies are So Apparent. It Would Require some Thinking to find out that it is so. And that is where the Laziness comes in.

Many Youngsters would rather go out in the Hot sun, Alone, amid thorns, bush and stone, to look after sheep, than go to School! Studying is Hard work. Hence Laziness.

Similarly, those who Drop out of schools, or do poorly. Studying is Hard work. Hence Laziness.

Thinking over a Question is Hard Work.

[ Actually it is Far too Easier to ‘Read’ than to ‘Think.’ Most Don’t Realize that. Or Acknowledge it! 😦 ]

Easier to give the excuse that the fellow should be knowing what he says, that he/she ‘looks’ dependable, and what not.

It is All living in our Comfort Zones.

Taking the Easy-Way-Out, and Short Cuts.

Reading, Speaking on and Doing What we LIKE.


Easy! 🙂



  1. Science has an additional, brain-based explanation: confirmation bias.

    Our brain is “hard-wired” to strongly prefer certainty, so we latch on to the first explanation that makes any kind of sense and (subconsciously) ignore anything that refutes it — rather than (as you say) doing the anxiety-producing WORK it takes to gather complete information (that may or may not support what you already believe).

    I wrote an article explaining the concept in June, 2013: https://addandsomuchmore.com/2013/06/16/confirmation-bias-tragedy-of-certainty/ — it includes a great graphic that illustrates the concept amazingly well.

    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
    – ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
    “It takes a village to educate a world!”

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    • Great article, I am sure, my Dear Madelyn. I speed read it upto: ‘Related Articles.’

      You will excuse me for not delving into it deeper. Am sure, unlike me, who mostly write 300-600 word posts, this, along with links, would go into thousands. I Do Congratulate You on this.

      Let us keep up the Good Fight.

      You might have noticed that my recent post on ‘judges, a 900 word one, does not have many takers, and especially, NO Indians. Proof of the Grip of the system.

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      • I appreciate your comment in response — and that you powered through the article.

        I know my many early posts have run long in my attempt to be thorough. I insert many headings and bullets to facilitate speed-reading, and try to keep them updated for people to return to when or if they have time or need the information. The links are there for the same reason.

        I, too, am sad that readership tends to be low for longer articles. Lately I have attempted to post shorter excerpts, because the sad truth is that we are all overwhelmed with information, unable to carve out the time to read everything we’d like to – you and I as well.

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      • Well said, my Dear Madelyn! But I seem to go by the axiom that We are using just Our 10%!

        And a famous Indian poet, KABIR, had said that the very world came to end by reading books, but nobody became any the wiser; Yet the one who studied just One letter of Love became a Pundit!

        Output is my Imperative now, as is Yours. …I am coming to believe that at least Some of my writings, (as in, particularly my novel), will reach long and wide.

        But Read We Must, don’t We? 🙂


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      • Oh, I did not know that the 10% thing was a myth, and that it has been debunked, to boot!

        But, frankly, I do not see the Need for ‘Inputs’ in me, though I have to go through it for various reasons. (Big Secret there! Hehe!).

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