What about ‘The Other Man?’


I take the Central Path in affairs, leaning neither to the right nor the left. Some seem to think that I am supporting ‘them.’

Quite some time ago I received some Tweets, as under, which prompted me to write this post.


Frankly, it is about practices in Islam. …I have No quarrel with them, but.

The Tweeter is asking What You would do if You found Your Wife being Unfaithful; in other words, is Caught in Adultery.

My Question to my Muslim brothers is: What about the ‘Man’ with whom She was supposed to have committed the deed? Am absolutely Certain they are Not talking about Masturbation or Lesbian relationships.

[ Do not know if the Jews still follow these same/similar things now. ]

Yes. What about the ‘Other Man?’ Why is he Not punished?

Why is the Adulterous ‘male’ Not Stoned to Death?



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