The Nuclear ‘Egg.’


[ Hello, Folks! My First attempt at a Short Story. Got this idea while I was travelling in the Bus today. Please don’t forget to give me a Feedback. Would Appreciate that Very much. πŸ™‚ ]

Once there was a king in Kukkooland, and he had a son. The Prince was brought up with Kurkure, Lays, Maggi Noodles and all sorts of things like that. Coddled like that, he was quite a spoilt little boy. And thus one day he told his father that he wanted a Snake to play with.

His Mother was upset no end, but she was a majority of one. The king sent his bestest Mantri all over the world, and in time this man reached the land of Eeni-Meeni-Myna-Moe, where, he had learnt, the streets were, er, not exactly paved with gold, but the sidewalks were filled with Snake Egg sellers.


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He visited a few places, and found one filled with certificates! That impressed him. He took out his cell phone and called up the king, and the king told him to bring the thing, dash it.

But the good VizierΒ tarried. He knew what a Nut the young prince was, (and that he was too! Asking for Snakes as Play things!). So he asked for Guarantees that the eggs belonged to harmless species. The merchant was very happy to provide that. Along with two eggs, he was given a certificate signed by no less than 37 experts. (They all looked very important). The merchant also said his men would go over and see to the erecting of the factory, er, the hatching of the eggs, and that duly happened.

The eggs hatched, and the prince was simply delighted. He even reduced the time he was spending with his smart phone, to play with the Snakes.

But once again, the Queen was disturbed.

“These snakes look So Dark and Black; they Must be Poisonous ones,” said she.

“Ho Ho,” laughed the good king.

But, to please his wife, he called his Mantri and told him to have a look. This man was perturbed, it was he who had brought the blasted things, after all. He called upon the Raj Vaidya (Royal Physician) and they both had a goooood look, and pronounced them dangerous. The Gardeners all said that they were Cobras.

But the prince would have none of it. And, he had quite a few supporters! Those who had to feed them, keep their cages clean, prepared hot water for them, and fixed the lights, etc.

“Oh, Your Majesty, they are such Lovely things; and the Prince Loves them So!” they said.

“Your Majesty, You have invested some 17 Billion Crore rupees on them. Think of that,” said the Treasurer.

“The Prince is throwing a Tantrum; he will pick up a fever if he does not have them,” advised the Maids who attended on the prince.

“The Removal of the Snakes would cause loss of Livelihood to 374 people,” vociferated the Trade Unions.

And there was this Visiting Professor. He took out his magnifying glass, put on his gloves and had a look at the creatures, and wisely pronounced: “Nothing will happen to the prince, so long as you cover up the lower 6 inches of his legs.”

Finally the king, called his Mantri, and said, “Next time, be more careful.”

“But Your Majesty,” asked that Wise Vizier, “What about these two?”

“Oh, We seem to have Invested quite a lot in this adventure,” said the king, and left it at that. He was a professional politician, after all.


15 thoughts on “The Nuclear ‘Egg.’”

    1. Thank You, my Dear Kalisha! Your words much appreciated.

      In the case of the nuclear issue, as with so many other things, it is not just ‘giving up’ certain things, We also have to Prevent the evil minded from carrying out their designs. Democracy gives a very good chance. But MOST people do not even seem to think that I am talking about some sort of creature. 😦

      Liked by 1 person

      1. But this time I shall have to start with a No, my Dear Kalisha! You are Not one of those who do not bother.

        I see and Know that All Your writings are For the People. You have just chosen a different field.

        Democracy works by Conscientizing the ‘Asleep,’ and getting them to Act. You Are doing that!

        …I have learnt that We have to Use particular Verbs to get people to act. They might start thinking, but might ‘remain’ at that level.

        Let Us add Our voices to ask them to Get Together, not for particular instances, but as a Large Group, in and Of Time, that will be Conscious, Knowledgable and Active.

        Put a Brake on me, please, at times!

        Love and Regards. πŸ™‚


      2. This story had taken its full shape within Hours.

        I am hoping that people will read because these are stories, and that the hidden messages will get through.

        But people are ‘cleverer’ than that. They just ‘sense’ the ‘Social’ content, and stay away.

        Your and my kind of writings (at least on the internet and blogs) get less than 10 likes and even lesser comments, and photographs of flowers, etc, get at least five times More attention!

        What are We to do with this Sad world? 😦


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