ALL Religions say the Same about ‘THIS.’


Religions are maligned, very much, saying that they divide People. Actually that is Not so. The proponents of Religions do the Dividing. …And, taking Only Hinduism, Islam and Christianity, they all Say the Same, that

Goodness is Rewarded and evil is Punished.

And this is the Experience of Sages of all Religions, for Centuries and Centuries.

3 religions

[ The above is the kind of picture found in many places in India, for instance in Shops, Buses, etc. Source in graphic. ]

This post is particularly aimed at those, particularly in authority, who give No thought to their responsibilities.


(Krit-Pranash, Above), is a Mahavaakya, one of the Great aphorisms of Hinduism, which even contribute to the Advaita. This one means that the Effects of what We have Done Remain, attached to Our Soul/Spirit/Self, Indestructible.

Similarly the one below,


(Akrityabhyoopagam), which means that We shall Not have to Suffer for what We have Not done.

Very Similar to the Biblical:

“The person who sins is the one who will Die,” (Ezekiel 18:4), and

“It is the one who sins who will die. A son is Not to suffer because of his father’s sins, nor a father because of the sins of his son.” (Ezekiel 18:20).


Frankly, I am Not saying that All Religions are the Same, nor that they all teach the same things. Just for instance, from what I hear, it is not only recommended but also practised and carried out, that a Thief’s hand(s) be cut off, in Islam. The ‘Triple Talaaq‘ whereby a man can divorce his wife just by saying that word thrice is another instance. Not that I am ‘targeting’ Islam. These are just examples that spring to mind.



Unable to give references in this regard from the Koran, I shall limit myself to showing that Islam has a very prominent Idea of ‘Jahannum‘ (Gehenna in Hebrew, Hell in English).


It can Frequently be observed that a Wrong-doer Suffers Quite a Lot in this life itself.

  • Their Appetite is Nonexistent. A certain politico with Crores and Crores is reputed to be able to Stomach just Curd Rice.
  • Their Health is Shot to  Pieces. Much of their ill earned money goes for medications and treatments.
  • They cannot Sleep well.
  • They have No Peace.

Oh, We think that they are Enjoying life. And that is the Facade they want to keep presenting. But those who know them, those close to them, those with whom they share(!), etc, know the Truth.

two faced

Image from the Internet.

Which is all to show that they Suffer Quite a Lot in this life too. And Yet they do not learn! Sheer Inertia and Habit!

There is one More Sad thing.

The house and the household of the evil doer is a Cauldron on Misery. The Amount of Sickness in the members of the Family, the Fights in the family, the Feuds, etc, make them Pitiable.

And I am reminded of this verse of the Bible over this:

“…Like a Moth You Destroy what he loves.” Psalm 39:11, TEV.

God Destroys what the evil doer loves, which is the Greatest Punishment, after all.

And I repeat this: And Yet they do not learn! Sheer Inertia and Habit!

That Goodness is Rewarded is Not Ignored. We do have the Concept of ‘स्वर्ग’ (Svarg of the Hindus), ‘जन्नत’ (Jannat of Islam) and Heaven.

It is true that what is considered goodness, badness or evil varies quite a bit much! But let Us Ignore that for this discussion.

To recap,

Hinduism, Islam and Christianity, all Say the Same, that

Goodness is Rewarded and evil is Punished.


7 thoughts on “ALL Religions say the Same about ‘THIS.’”

  1. You reminded me of the quote by Gandhi: “When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants, and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall. Think of it — always.” ❤

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