A Fair Exchange, do You Think?



From Tamil Nadu to Kerala – Fruits, Vegetables and other goods. 

From Kerala to Tamil Nadu, …Medical Waste.

We should not blame the People of Kerala for this. It is just that the people of Tamil Nadu, (as Most people), have all gone to Sleep, and are Busy with Important things like drinking. After all, it is the TN govt that is ‘offering’ them all that liquor.


These so called men, staunch supporters of jayalalitha’s party, evinced by their sporting her picture on the front of their shirts, and the party logo, a double leaf, on the back, have ‘shaved’ their heads as part of offering/prayer for her well being, etc. Now, paid, they go to ‘Relax,’ to — where else, one of thousands of liquor shops jaya has opened.


This school going boy was not ‘paid;’ he just spent the money he got from his father.


New scenes in India. Women drinking like this. The ‘glory’ of jayalalitha’s Tamil Nadu. What is this but Slumber?


The men are wearing ‘black,’ which signifies that they are the devotees of Aiyappaa. They are supposed to refrain even from such things as smoking, and I have known then to avoid eating in restaurants if some others were eating Non-vegetarian foods there. …Now ‘they’ are serving these Beers, given instead of plain old water, along with the meal.


It used to be ‘men’ drunk on the ground like this. Now the women of Tamil Nadu, under jayalalitha ask why ‘they’ should be left behind?


Catch them Young! jayalalitha’s legacy. she and her party say that it had been started earlier, and that if the govt does not run liquor shops people die of drinking spurious ones. …And this bastard of a father is rejoicing in offering his Young boy this satanic drink, thus making his, and Tamil Nadu’s very Future Dark.


The two ‘Mothers’ of Tamil Nadu. One Struggling to feed and bring up her child, and the other, feeding them liquor. Let me repeat that liquor is supplied to the govt run shops by factories run by her cronies, for which she gets Fat commissions, without a doubt.

And to wind up,


Money is generously spent in opening and running liquor shops, bringing in nuclear projects, etc. Bus Passes are duly issued to school children, but lo and behold, they just ‘forget’ to provide enough buses!

Though it is True that one does not hear of these children falling down from running buses, the travel itself must be Unhealthy. If I were to travel like that, I would have my Heart in my Mouth! Why not They? 😦


So, not only Medical Waste, but also nuclear projects, which have been Strongly Opposed in Gujarat, and opposed in Kerala by Wile, (they have cleverly said that they don’t have enough ‘space’ for it!), have found ‘refuge’ in TN, thanks, no doubt, the fattened bank accounts of politicos, and the Slumber of the people!

Am Sure the Current generation of Tamil Nadu thinks this is a Fair enough exchange. Yuck. 😦



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