A Very wise saying


I heard this last night over the TV, in one of the endless serials that keep going on air! Because of their very nature of going on and on, and the many technical weaknesses therein, We generally do not pay attention to them. But here is a gem:

“‘க்ரிமினளுக்கு’ இருக்கும் மன தைரியம் நல்லவருக்கு இருக்க வேண்டாமா?”

Translated, this means:

“Should not the Good have the Mental Strength and Courage that criminals have?”

How can I add anything more to that?

Literature, even popular literature, is built on Our Basic Needs for Right to Win, etc, and reflects Real life situations. And presents gems like these, from time to time.

From the serial ‘Theiva Magal,” aired on 31.10.16.


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