Which of them?


Something Very Sad, and Horrible. Saw this at about 3:20 this afternoon (3rd November, 2016), in the ‘Scrolling news’ of NDTV.

After reading this, Please, just tell me just WHY the Olden methods of Boiling people in Oil, or Roasting them over Fire should not be applied in this case.

It seems some Girl had been Gangraped.

And this is the question one of the policemen, yes, a policeman, asked the Girl this question:

“Which of them gave You the Greatest Pleasure?”

…The TV channel, in the manner of all of them, just did not elaborate on this. Other things would bring them more TRP, after all.


This is Not part of Yellow Journalism. I am not getting this to get ‘more’ views or likes. You all know that I write these things Expecting a Righteous Indignation, at the very least.



    • Thank You, my Dear Renuka. Actually, these sorts of things must have come out of the mouths of many, who knows, all through the centuries, Everywhere.

      But yes, these Are Animals. Action will be taken on them Only when We Citizens get More and More together, and exrecise Our Democratic Rights and Duties.



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