We Created This Election & We Created This Opportunity


Culled, and edited, from my response to Aishwariya:

Do We seriously mean We have NO choices? And I do not mean between these two, either. Rather, on the whole, in life, even in Politics, No choices? …

We sit on Our Fat behinds – or thin ones, 🙂 – all the while, while We Could and SHOULD be doing things about Democracy 24×365, instead of gabbing away a few days/weeks/months before elections.

If anything, let Us Blame Ourselves. Not that finding whom to blame is the game.

So the Answer is: 24×365! 🙂


Too much Too soon

 I’ve scheduled this post in May 2016 – Sorry that it’s already November. I’ve written a lot of draft blog posts that I never published. Most of them are pretty rough, but not all of them. So, I am just publishing only by combining U.S politics all together into one crazy post!


After all, It’s a blog, not an encyclopedia.

This is my unique interpretation of the U.S. 2016 Elections. In order to understand something you must look at the big picture, one would never be able to fully understand the workings of micro-scale bacteria without being able to see their macro-scale effects on an organism.

Ultimately reality is a holographic manifestation and interpretation of our collective internal states. And rather than seeing this election as a shitty outcome of circumstances and candidates I see it as the absolute manifestation of the nations feelings about government as a whole. Whether you’re and avid conspiracy theorist…

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