Dirty words connected with Idolatry in the Bible


Posted in Relevant Biblical verses. This is meant particularly to clarify certain words in other posts.

Actually even these cannot be really be called dirty words. But some of Us might think so.

“She Flaunted her Whoring, she stripped Naked; …she had been Infatuated by profligates Big-membered-as-Donkeys*, ejaculating as violently as Stallions.” (Ezekiel 23:20 Jerusalem Bible, passim).


*Big-membered as donkeys = Having Penises as Big as donkeys.

‘She’ represents the whole Nation/People of Israel (of that time).

‘Her’ Lusting Actually had been after Idolatry. “She Defiled herself with All the Idols.” (Ibid, Verse 7).

The meaning of this whole post:

Let Us Not look at the ‘words.’ The Issues are what matter.


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