The Pope and Poop


The pope will have to poop, if You will excuse me. The pope will have to do much more, and stronger things, as I have written in response to Dear Brother Dennis Wells‘ Facebook sharing, as under:

His post:

Dennis Wells:
“And some folks still find it hard to believe this type of hate even goes on.”

[ It refers to some Students in the US chanting: ‘Build the Wall. ]

And my comment to that:

“We can understand that political animals will do the most atrocious things, and that children will take up whatever their adults teach them.

But, What are Those who should be forming the Adults, in this case I address directly the Vatican, doing?

The great new pope has not even released a ‘Fart’ over this kind of hate. Oh, yes, he did. But he has to learn that Farting alone will not help, not even one’s digestive system. The pope will have to Poop. Do many more things, much stronger things. The pope will have to learn to THUNDER.



Right or Wrong, I fully believe that when I write, particularly these kinds of posts, at some internal urgings, in which I have Faith. That said, when I see that People have SO much reverence for the ‘person’ of the pope, that they would refrain from agreeing with the thoughts in the post, I feel pained.

It seems that the Dignity of the pope is of More importance than that of Millions of Others. Let’s name them: Mexicans, – it seems in particular, but in general, anybody without a valid entry document, or even People of Faiths other than Christianity. Is that so?

When Christ took the Cup, He said:

“This is the Blood of the New and Everlasting Covenant; It will be shed for ALL…” 

(Matthew 26:28, Mark 14:24, Luke 22:20).

[ There are Theological and Translation points involved, which We shall discuss further. ]

All that being so, if the pope, If he can’t be bothered to open and keep opening his mouth in the defence of Justice and Right, Shall be condemned.

On such harsh words, have written two more ‘explanatory’ kind of posts, which follow this.

Hearty Regards.


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