Voting vs Not Voting


From the comment of Madelyn who herself has quoted as under, emphasis mine:

From a comment by Lloyd Lofthouse:
“For this election, more than 50 million new voters registered to vote and most of those new voters registered as Democrats. In 2014, there were about 145 million registered voters and more than 80 percent voted.
For THIS election, more than 200 million were registered to vote, a historical record, but 90 million decided not to vote on election day, also a record breaker, I think.”
I will NEVER understand those registered voters who could not be bothered to go to the polls.


  1. Thanks for helping to spread this statistic.

    Lloyd has since posted two source links (alas, on a comment thread on a site that is not my own, and now I cannot find it.) I did check them out. The numbers of registered non-voters varied, but were still WAY over-the-top and in the millions.

    With the percentage of new Democrats registered, it is no stretch to believe that, HAD they bothered to vote, we would not be dealing with a hot-head in a leadership role now.

    So: non-voters – the events of the next four years are all ON YOU. Don’t do it again. PLEASE. Every vote counts.


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