We are equal but we are not the same


As usual, my Dear Imran, a great title, but.

you talk of hormones and what not. What happens to Women on certain days of the month, etc, etc.

How Women are the weaker sex, in that, for example, what would happen to them in War if they were captured, etc.

But Wars, Occupation of Countries, and MOST of the humankind’s ills ‘WERE NOT STARTED BY WOMEN.’

From Nero to Genghis Khan to the Hitlers, Idi Amins, Pol Pots, and Saddam Husseins, and the other too many too numerous to mention, Most of the Misery of Mankind was Started, and is Maintained, by the Male.

I suppose you mean that Women, like good whatever you want to call them, should sit in the corners of their houses. From what I have shown, It would be Better if many ‘men’ would Sit Quietly in their houses.


Shake Your Conscience !


When Islam freed the people from paganism, equality between men and women was established. But somehow, somewhere, women in the west lost true meanings of ‘equality’ and ‘liberation’. As a result, there began a movement whose goal was to have women treated and thought of ‘ the same’ as men – no distinctions, no discriminations. This demand is not compatibles with a woman’s physical or spiritual nature. Because she is created in many ways distinctly different than a man. Modern women want to diminish the impact of these differences. This is an alarming sign that something is quite amiss. Women are not living their lives the way they are entitled, and they do not want to admit having any limitations nor admit their vulnerabilities as women. However, regardless of how much legislation has passed to treat women the same as men, one fact will remain eternally unchanged: the female gender was…

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