Solitaire and I, and Sinfulness


It all started with Dear Brother Dennis Wells sending me the link below with the following words:

“And now we all know right annette”


[ This is NOT to criticise the Mennonites. I find many catholic traditions, particularly going on pilgrimages to Velankanni to have a good time there, which includes Booze and other things, even worse. ]


I am rather given to Solitaire. I play it when I am exhausted, and when I want the ideas in my head to grow and mature without my disturbing them!

So I am 50% Sinful. At least I found out. But… Anyway, hopefully this is Only for Mennonites.

A Mennonite Guide to Card Games – Ranked in Order of Sinfulness


For the next one, on ‘Mennonite Strip Poker,’ please click on link.


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