6 thoughts on “MONSTERGER!”

  1. I was for a long time of two minds about the eating contests which are so typically American. No 4th of July would be complete without a hotdog eating contest at the state fair. 🙂 Yet so many are hungry. I look at eating contests now as reminders of God’s bounty and His blessings on this country. I hope and pray they remind us to share our bounty with those who have less as we gather, once again, around the Thanksgiving table. YOU are definitely one of my blessings, Swami!

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    1. Thank You, my Dear Anna! …When my Sould gets Heavy, my mind sticks to Humour. Actually I had not even thought that somebody could eat that monster, and thought that it must have been made up just for a photograph.

      But I do suppose people Much more than necessary, and in such odd and useless/unnecessary events like eating contests.

      In India, which cannot be called a country of bounty as far as Agriculture, or more importantly, the distribution of food and food items is concerned, has the most lavish parties, and abominable food waste. …Sadly, lots and lots of food grains just rot in godowns.

      The Lord have Mercy on Us.

      …And YOU are, and Definitely, one of the Blessings the Good Lord has given me! Thank You for that, and Love and Blessings. 🙂

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