Banks, Useful or Not


My Cousin Anand, over Facebook, had raised this question:

THINK my friends…..
What is the role of Bankers?
Are they really useful for You ?

To which I have replied thus:

“A Very good question, my Dear Anand!

First of all, they are definitely Useful for the Common Citizen. Because, when, as
it has happened in my own village, people (thieves), murder and cut the throats of people even for as little a sum as Rs. 10,000, the Citizens’ hard earned money is much safer in the bank vaults.

People are also able to get loans from them, against going to the Usurers.


Image from Facebook

Second, on the Negative side, Banks ‘LURE’ people by offering them Gold-House-and-Car loans, etc, thereby putting their money to use at great interest.

As We have heard, particularly in the States, people took loans, were not able to pay back and have lost their homes and are on the streets now.

But THE BANKS DID NOT MAKE THEM TAKE THE LOANS! That shows peoples’ Greed.

The failure to read up the small print, becomes a fault of the customer.

Loans to Farmers should really be the business of the politicians. And not just loans, but providing all farming aids, in the form of Water, Electricity, Seeds, Manure/Fertiliser at reasonable costs, and writing them off when the crops fails, which is Mostly because of the Failure of the Monsoon, should be in the hands of the (Political) Administration.

One presumes that bank managers must be taking a big share in ‘white-washing’ money. But that is not a failure of the Banking system, but of the Individual.

In all this, it falls back on the Citizen! Not to be Greedy, Keeping an Eye and not just having a say, but Demanding, and Getting done, Good Policies, Policing them, etc, is the DUTY of the Citizen.

But Mankind would like to do what it likes Best, that is, work a little, (because it has to eat), then Eat it off, Watch TV, and, in times of Trouble, Blame the nearest person.

Mankind would like to Conveniently Forget the DUTIES of the Citizen!

Regards. 🙂


PS: Hello, Folks, even while writing all these things, I am working on My Novel, as many of these will be incorporated into my novel, albeit in a different manner! 🙂



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