Christmas Wishes 2016



Hello, my Dear Friends! Wishes and the Blessings of Christmas to One and All of You!

Christmas, the festival of the Birth of Christ, is to remind Us of Emmanuel, which means God (Is) With Us!

We ALL have difficulties and problems, large and small, from which We seek Release. In larger matters they would call it Redemption!

As I was watching a movie over the TV, the name of which I have forgotten, I heard something like the following:

A pilot is lost in the Arctic. He prays to God, and an Eskimo finds him and rescues him. …But for him, it was the Eskimo that saved him, and Not God. …But he calls his Wife who have been his Life Support, so to say, as his Eskimo. …Funny Blocks We have.

People seem to think of God as an Old man with a beard. Here’s how Michelangelo thought of this, and Our’s is NOT much different!


And similarly, of the devil. This one is a peculiar being with a Red Body, Horns, and a Tail to boot, …Or So Most people think.


The Real Question for Us is… What do We think of Christmas?

In Celebrating the festival of He-Who-Came-Down, We forget that He Taught that We have the Duty-to-Lift-Up People. And the Internet/Blog/Computer/Cellphone Community does belong to the Haves.

Here’s to More Lifting Up People, Standing Up for Them, being their …Eskimo!




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