Demonocracy in Tamil Nadu


One party, let us call it A, is taken on holidays, Wine, (Women not?) and Song thrown in for entertainment for some 15 days, kept there under lock and key, mind You, And brought back like accused-being-taken-to-court by the ever faithful henchdogs the police, and…

Wait. Let me take a breath. And anyway the scene shifts to the holy (so called) grounds of the Assembly.

The Speaker, who speaks for party A, has been told what to do. And he does everything, keeping well within the books. Oh, You can rape Lady Democracy while keeping everything within Rules, You know that.

Party A plays the Game of Kick Me. And party D, infantile enough, falls into the trap. Now the Speaker gets the chance the throw them all out.

They don’t worry that the Opposition is totally Absent in the House. Why break our pretty little heads over small matters like that? Take a vote of… Confidence! Yes! And come out winning, at least with numbers.

And the people of Tamil Nadu are Well satisfied. For them the main game is Jallikkattu, anyway.

RIP, Democracy. …But had she not died a long time ago? 😦


I wanted to keep this short.

You Can Ask me questions, and I promise that I will tell You NO lies.



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