Yes, God IS Amazing!


[ As You all know, my Dear Friends, have long been Absent from my Blog. Had been busy at my Facebook pages, as they have received some welcome, particularly in Tamil Nadu, which had been my intention. But Now I intend to work on my Blog as well, and am working on some fairly big posts. In the meantime, find it both easy and Meaningful to share with You all, things that touch me, with sharings and small posts! Regards. ]


The Last week, between the 9th and 14th of July, was able to make time, after a really long gap of many years, to make a Retreat.

As usual during these times, memories and even instances of a negative sort came up, making life difficult, to say the least.

And when I presented these to the Lord, this is the answer I got, which I had never earlier received, by the way:


But that does not mean that everybody else will do the same.”

It made sense, and I can live with that.

And now from Christian Funny Pictures, this one:

Yes, indeed. Linus is Right. God IS Amazing. Wish You All Much Love and Happiness. 🙂


Graphic from:



  1. Dear Swami, how are you? It’s been a long time and is perhaps coincidental that I am also back to blogging after a break. I love this post. “I guarantee that I will love you” gave me goosebumps. Take good care.

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