Conscience vs State’s laws


This starts with Granny Stutzman, (shown below), the lady who refused to supply flowers for a gay wedding.

This is NOT about LGBT rights or issues, but rather, State’s laws vs Conscience.

I refuse to concede that a state can make some laws to which the Citizen Has to Comply.

…As a Perfect example, After all, today’s US was founded because they had Not wanted to obey a monarch making laws about people having to obey the Catholic Teachings and Faith.

For More on this, please peruse:



    • Anal Cancer, HIV, what not, is One side, my Dear Amoa. But I prefer not to go into the LGBT issue at all at this point of time.

      As I said, I am Not ready to obey every law that a bunch of people make, which most often are for their own interests.

      politicians, a state’s law makers, just see which way the ‘wind’ of public opinion is blowing, and work, Only to garner votes.


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