Do You know what I am going to do tomorrow?


And not just tomorrow, hopefully many times in the coming years!

As I have shared with You, it has been YEARS (like 40-50 years?!) since I have had a decent holiday, and I am really weary now.

The Shrine of Velankanni, of Our Lady of Health, on the Mid East coast of Tamil Nadu is one dear to me.

[ The front of the main church ]

The Shrine has grown tremendously over the years, and has 5 or 6 impressive churches within its complex.

As it is frequented by people of All faiths, -and in large numbers, – the main Church in particular and the township are a little too noisy, and have a lot of coming-and-going.

That said, it is still not working out that I may spend a few days there.

What I have decided is to go from Kulithalai (1) which is the nearest town for me, to Tiruchirappalli (2), take a train from there to Nagore, which is near Nagappattinam (4), – not even touching Velankanni, by the way, Alas! – and return by the same route, the same day.

A pilgrimage by Train (and Bus)? šŸ™‚

Gives me a Day Off. Which would be Very Welcome. …Shall be remembering You All!

Love and Regards. šŸ™‚


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