Responsibility (1)


Some weeks ago, when I had been coming back from my famous ‘Break,’ – at a city called Erode, just when my bus was starting, noticed a healthy, hefty police man – dragging by her hair – a Girl who was a thin 15 year old, from the look of things. He was moving at a goodly pace, and she was Stumbling along, and also falling at his feet and begging him to let her go. But it fell on deaf ears, and he, reaching the police booth in the Bus stand premises, got in, and of the two more of his kind inside, one took off his slipper, and starting beating the Poor Girl liberally. I was able to observe all this because Buses have to take their time starting off, there being quite a lot of traffic inside the stands.

The Poor Girl was a Gypsy, and they get by by asking for Alms and performing minor Circuses. She could not have been a Drug Addict or a Drug Pusher. What crime could she have committed that warranted this kind of behaviour on the part of the policeman?

To Cap things off, I am Not ready to believe that they, the policemen, would not have Sexually abused the Girl.


With all this, having been tired with a lot of travelling, and as that was the Most convenient bus in terms of connecting with the last leg of my journey, AND as getting down and Protesting/Arguing would most probably only have led to my own Arrest(!), – the Modern Police of India not hesitating to slap charges of Treason, and/or saying that one had been caught Burning the National Flag, and what not, – I had not got down to come the the Poor Child’s aid.

For all my Tardiness, am quite decided on writing and publishing my Novel, for now untouched for a long time, before I think of allowing myself to be Arrested.

[ I do not have a photograph of that incident as I had left my ‘good’ phone at home. ]

Needless to say I was Seething, not only during that journey, but also for a long time afterwards.


Are these Isolated incidents? Am I making too much of these things? Let us see.

Sand being transported by Rail, scene captured at the Salem railway junction, the name clearly visible on the railway name board at top right corner. Public photo from Facebook. …And there we were, protesting against Sand being transported by Lorries, en Road.

Those things looking like Granules, to the Right and above the word Google, are Lorries, standing and waiting their turn to carry off sand.

In light of the infamous incidence of what has become as the Looting of Sand, so called even by Children now, and this looting being carried out by the Administration itself, there was a protest staged in our Town yesterday (12.08.17). Along with two other early arrivals, I was sitting in the shade of a bus stop, when the police, who had arrived in goodly force for this, came up to us and told us to leave.

Not this one, but one something like this. 🙂 Image from the Internet.


In another of the ‘meetings’ with the RDO (Revenue, Divisional officer?), the senior policemen present had pointed his finger at one of the participants in a rude manner, addressed him, ‘Ei,’ something like: ‘You fellow,’ and Told him to sit down. At this the participants walked out. Then I heard one of the senior policemen saying, ‘We Shall keep mining the Sand; What are You going to do about it?’

At the same meeting, the Tehsildaar, (another revenue officer), pointed his finger at me, and, by the same finger, pointed to the Door, telling me to get out. My offence? I had clapped (along with many), at some of the points presented by the participants.

The RDO, the Tehsildaar, and PWD (Public Works dept) inspector, all fairly holding high office, were all mouthing the governments stand that this mining of sand would not affect Farming or the Water levels, which Everybody else contests. Here is a picture of the latest protest, held on 12.08.17.

Upon this they were ‘arrested,’ and, as usual in these cases, taken by police bus to a ‘marriage hall,’ (one people hire to felicitate the couple), in this case spacey enough to hold a largish number of people. And here they are.

They were release at about 6 PM, one hour later than they should have been, just as a reminder to them as to who the boss is.

As I keep saying, Democracy is Dead. The have allowed Us to Mew. We Vote. We go about, quasi freely from any corner (of India) to the Other. And We think We are Free. Rats.

And using the Tricks of Raj Tantra, (politics, which is nothing but Tricks), they have seen that Indians, Tamilians in particular, have Enough Rice to eat, Enough to Drink, and Electrical supply, even though the administration buys current at higher rates and supplies it at lower ones. This keeps the Average Indian Well Satisfied, and he goes to Proudly Sitting on his Haunches.

The government servants, and particularly the police, are behaving like ‘Dictators.’ …Formerly, the police wanted themselves to be known as The Friends of the People. But now I have decided to call them The Enforcers. ‘அடக்குநர்’ a word in Tamil, puts it better, meaning one who Puts down, Controls. Something like what the pharaoh’s force must have been doing to the Israelites prior to the Exodus.

This one does seem more than a bit exaggerated, going at the rate of one supervisor, (equipped with a whip, of course), to two slaves. But pictures from Ancient scrolls show that there were these kinds of supervisors, all equipped with canes, if not worse. In the one below, I count three of them. You? 🙂

George Orwell dared to call the police as Dogs, and policemen, at least in India, have not done anything to make People Change that opinion about them.

And of course We also have to remember that George Orwell, a Very Wise Man in my eyes, and one whom I appreciate Very much, also called the 1%, who are made up of Corporates, politicos and Army and government officials, as Pigs.

These are the They.

So what is Wrong in separating them as ‘They?’

In my own Inimitable way (how Humble I am! Haha), I see that I have taken more than a 1,000 words just doing ‘Justice’ to ‘Them.’ To go to ‘Our’ part, please click here.


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