Have Boils (Sores) in the mouth?


I for one have been plagued by these for long long times. And have tried Milk, various Greens, Fenugreek soaked in water – the water drunk and the seeds consumed, various Antacids, ointments in the mouth, and, on the homeopathy level, Borax, which worked fine for some time, but the whole lot not of much use. The sores used to persist, Stayed there.

Then a friend, Mr. Ilango, who is a Chemist, suggested that I Roast the Fenugreek Seeds, powder them, and take a pinch twice or thrice a day, and I find that this works!

Fenugreek seeds, above, and below, Roasted to a Golden Brown.

…This is also effective when We have Bitten ourselves, either on the tongue, the inside of the cheeks or the lips! …Shared from Personal Experience! 🙂


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