Rewards, Or Tomfoolery?


Two incidents.

One police officer Roopa, who had reported, with video evidence, that a convict of high rank, namely Sasikala, earlier leader of the AIADMK party of TN, was living a Luxurious life inside the jail, thanks to some bribes paid, and received, by the authorities, – was berated, and transferred by the authorities for her pains.

The reference below contains the video evidence submitted by officer Roopa.

In picture, left to right: DG (Prisons) Satyanarayana Rao, the fellow who must have received the monies from Sasikala, seen at centre. He is about to retire, it seems, but seems to have been collecting some nuts for his old age. At right, Officer Roopa. Picture from site below.

Now this lady Roopa, much decorated and respected officer, has been transferred from officer prisons to… traffic, yes, just as the Bunny suffered in Zootopia. And the agonies, ignominies and trauma she must have suffered before the transfer, for the ‘sin’ of letting cats our of the bag, are reflected in the photograph below:

High ranking, or for that matter, those of other ranks in the Indian police department do not have dark circles around their eyes. That is reserved exclusively for the accused, the under-trials and the prisoners.


As is usual, to the Eternal Shame of Indians, Sasikala was not only running the (political) party, she was also calling the shots right from inside the jail. Over and beyond this, she was living a life of luxury right inside the jail.

That was some weeks ago.

Not that the situation has changed, not for one bit, as news to the contrary is not available.

Now what do We hear about this good lady, the IPS Roopa? That she gets the President’s medal.

And I call this Not Reward, but Tomfoolery. Why? Because it is just lately that Sasikala was removed, not just from the post of the head of the party, but from the party itself.

The AIADMK party was/is involved in a long drawn out fight for its own legacy, symbol and leadership, and one of the conditions of one of the factions had been that Sasikala be removed.

The ruling party at the centre had been waiting, watching, playing its games, and once the party got united, with the woman thrown out, Officer Roopa gets rewarded! Therein lies the mystery of the Timing.

All Administrative (read govt) agencies, in which I add the Judiciary, work hand in glove with the ‘ruling’ party. Jayalathitha, it will be remembered, was acknowledged as guilty along with Sasikala, but only after the former’s demise. That is just one examples of the Trickeries in the Judiciary.

If that august branch is fooling around, one had expected that at least the one, the Highest office of the land, that of the Presidency, would retain its sanctity. But no, my Dear Folks.

Somebody can tell me that our dear president had not been aware of Sasikala being removed from office, of the ‘Timing’ of the award to officer Roopa. Go tell it to the birds. Tomfoolery.

The second incident is of the Sardar Sarovar Dam being inaugurated by India’s prime minister Modi.

The problem is that the Huge number of people who have been displaced by it have Not yet been given alternative arrangements despite long years, nor the very long fasts for that undertaken by Medha Patkar.

Medha Patkar, at centre in white scarf, & others stage Jal Satyagraha in Chhota Barda demanding rehabilitation of those displaced due to Sardar Sarovar Dam.

Do read:

…If You want to throw in Modi’s love affair with Bullet Trains, at a cost of some 1,00,000 Crore (that is 10 Billion) rupees, where Nothing has been done to Join the Rivers of the Country, nor anything meaningful for Farmers, nor Increasing the number of Ordinary Trains or Compartments in Ordinary Trains, I do not mind.

Tomfoolery All, my Dear Folks, Tomfoolery All.


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