Sasikala of Tamil Nadu, leader of one of the factions of the ruling party, and long term friend of former chief minister, was found guilty of corruption and jailed.

Before We go further, be it known that the Chief work of political parties, — at least in India, about which alone I can speak with some experience, — exist Only so that they can come back to power at the next election, to make More money.

That being so, the AIADMK, – what a big name, You say, …rightly so, at least as far as the number of characters is concerned, but as for reputation, Mud. Now where was I, as if I don’t know, ha ha, – the aiadmk has been trying to save its backside, I do mean ‘seat,’ as they say, meaning, has been trying to remain as the administrative (ruling) party, while getting split into 3 or 4 segments. You still there? Ha ha. Am feeling Jovial today, maybe compensating for all the Bellyache due to the situation of today’s India and the World. 😦

Sasikala’s faction had been losing out. She was desperate to come and try to save it. She had been asking for ‘parole,’ on various (spurious) grounds, all of which were denied. Now, as the latest, she asked for, and was granted parole, as her husband most Conveniently got sick and even operated upon just at this time.

Of course the courts will profess to know none of these things.

Anyway, she was given a 5 day parole, with ‘Strict instructions that she should Not involve herself in any political activity during the time.’ These so called ‘strict instructions’ were announced amidst much fanfare.

What happens? Today, on what must be the second of her parole, one of the banners of a Tamil Daily (newspaper), declared that ‘Sasikala was holding Panchayats – that was the word used, that being one of systems of Decision-taking meetings, in practice in India for ages, – with her relatives!

The photograph of the report in the Daily, Dinakaran, of 10.10.2017, says that Sasikala had indeed held talks with ministers (7) and mla’s (members of the legislative assembly, to the number of 19), but that the current chief minister claims that all of them are supporting him.

The Drunk and the Beggar on the streets know this, but, professedly, not so our ‘holey’ courts, or should I say holy cow?

And Sasikala, mission accomplished, is back at her home away from home, her comfy quarters in the jail.

Tomfoolery, folks, Tomfoolery.



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