To the judiciary


Deepavali is just here. A time of blessings and happiness.

Only, it is a happy time only for a few.

On the one hand, because of age old poverty, a large group just watches its celebration if and when it can instead of celebrating it themselves.

A new group is coming into to being, that of the large body of Farmers, who had faced years of drought, a lack of rain, and are now having too much of it, which is damaging the crops they had ventured to sow.

These farmers had got into large loans, — large for them, most of these not even to the tune of 10 Lakh (1 Million) Indian rupees — from banks, most of which are administration (government) operated. These farmers had been literally begging for waivers for these loans, as they have been, and are, in no condition to pay them back.

The administration, which has been pampering its cronies, by writing off loans of Billions for the super rich like the Ambanis, the Adanis, and Mallaya, – had sent off relief cheques of a single Rupee (literally), to Farmers in distress.

Above: Mallaya owed Rs. 7,000 Crores (70 Billion!) and has paid only Rs. 6 Crores (60 Million). Regarding the rest, the administration is watching its tail.

Above: Interest on loans for Study is 14%, for Small Industries is 15%, and for Mega business is… 0.1%

Going back to farmers, the methods used for the recovery of loans are so harsh and loathsome that the farmers choose to commit suicide. Hundreds of these have occurred.

The administration, with its big mouth, says that it has done this and that, announcing that it has released mega bucks for their relief. But that is tied up in such red tape, that nobody except the lucky few have seen the colour of that money. And here is an example of some who did receive compensation:

This one got the most princely sum of Rs. 17.46,  (about 27 cents, according to Google, on 20th October, 2017).

More, from the same site as from which the above was taken:

“The person who received the most was Neela Bai. They got an insurance amount of 194.24 rupees for a total soybean crop loss on her 22 acre land.

Neela Bai’s son commented, “We had paid a premium of 5,220 rupees for the insurance under the Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojna and we are getting Rs 194 as compensation. God knows how they have arrived at this conclusion.”

The incident has happened in the Tilaria village in Sehore district which incidentally is the home ground of Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan.”



Let me go back to Deepaavali.

If any politico, judge or civil servant did not celebrate Deepaavali this year, – for other reasons than those of bereavement, etc, – let them put their hands up. I see no hands raised, Thank You.

They and their families bought new clothes, a lot of gold and jewellery too, I am sure, a great amount of sweets, and fire crackers.

Where the supreme court of India itself had decreed that no firecrackers were to be burst in Delhi during this festival this year (2017), those who had already bought the crackers were allowed to let them off. Now, …the Air above Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai were all at Nasty levels, and hazes of smoke hung over these cities.

Let’s go a little back. The supreme court of India, in front of which we have to put our hands over our mouths like one of the monkeys of Gandhi, had decreed No Firecrackers over Delhi.

It did not have the Brains to announce: “Let’s put an end to the pollution, both to the Air and in Decibel levels, in say 3 years time, or something like that.” 

The point is, Nobody wants to Bell the Cat.

The problem is that a Laaarge group is out there, brainless, absolute sheep, aided, abetted, and goaded on by the business class involved in the manufacture and sale of firecrackers, whom it is easier to placate than to Conscientize.


Worse than this,

Our dear courts have found No way to resolve the problem of Citizens remaining in Jails for Decades without even having been tried; and where Justice has not been  rendered for Decades.


Let the courts pick up some dictionaries, or phone up their old English professors, and ask the meaning of:


As things stand, I have No respect for Most of the judges. Judge D’Cunha who delivered the verdict on jayalalitha and the few like him whom I do not know are exceptions. Let’s remember that exceptions do not make the rule.

They can certainly trace me, and have me put in jail. I can do nothing to prevent that. But putting me in jail will NOT make me respect them even an iota.


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