We may Not see the TAJ MAHAL in the Future!



The ISIS did it some time ago. They destroyed numerous [ should we say Numberless? 😦 ] historical artifacts in many places. A screen shot for the search, below:

A little before this, Hindu extremists pulled down the Babri Masjid.

AYODHYA, INDIA – DECEMBER 8: Paramilitary police position themselves on a hill overlooking the ruins of the 16th century Babri mosque (foreground) 08 December 1992 in Ayodhya, India. Behind is the temple being built to Hindu warrior deity Lord Rama. Police took control of the disputed religious site two days after Hindu activists demolished the mosque. (Photo credit should read DOUGLAS E. CURRAN/AFP/Getty Images)

Above: The first four are pictures during the demolition, and the last, at the end of it.

It is said that centuries before, Babar had destroyed a temple that had stood in that place, and built the mosque there. I heard this from a person, whose word I used to believe, who had visited the monument after the mosque was destroyed, and had seen Hindu idols on the back wall of the masjid!

…Only, if there are really those age old idols on the wall, it would not have been pulled down by the Hindus, and they would have posted those images for all the world to see, thus gaining a Huge amount of sympathy. Thus…

Being a Christian, I condemn and criticise the various Peoples and Civilizations destroyed by us in the past.

And now it seems to be the turn of Poor Old TAJ MAHAL. It is being accused of Not being Indian in Culture, and other things. Mind You, this may be a long time away. But the foundations are being laid, particularly by the members of India’s ruling party, particularly by ‘Yogi Adityanath,’ the chief minister of UP in India, where the Taj is!



They are backpedalling, of course. But these waters run Deep. I wouldn’t trust them an inch.

Come see the Taj within the next 5 years or so.

Earliest known photo Taj Mahal, 1850s


Or Raise Your Voice. 🙂


14 thoughts on “We may Not see the TAJ MAHAL in the Future!”

      1. Buddhist terrorists continue to genocide Rohingya Muslims in Arakan. If they were Christians or people of other faiths,i am sure the UN would have acted immediately. Why do you remain silent while humanity is dying in Rohingya?

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      2. My Dear Semra, the time is long gone when we can rest in the comfort of calling terrorists as belonging to only one religion or community. The whole world has gone mad. I have the deepest sympathy for the Rohingyas, and I condemn the violence, and terrorism, practiced by all groups.


    1. Thank You, my Dear Anna! Very kind of You, may be that is why I feel strong, (Your keeping me in Your thoughts!). 🙂

      Am well, my Dear, and wish and pray for the same for You. The reason You don’t see me in the blogs is, as You know, trying (not succeeding too well) to write my novel.

      There is No lack of ideas or subject matter, and I have found that it is not only lack of time and energy, it is also…

      Laziness. (Hanging my head in shame). 🙂

      Love and Regards, my Dear!

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  1. Don’t be discouraged. I know you have wisdom and love to share. From my own experience, the difficulty with writing a book is threefold: actually committing thoughts to paper, finding a reputable publisher interested in the work, and marketing the book. I wish you success in all those areas! ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. Thanks for all that, my Dear Anna! Very kind of You.

      …Committing the thoughts to paper is… ‘Work,’ and I seem to avoid it as much as possible. Yuck.

      Am thinking of publishing it in the internet. What say You?

      Though the way the things are going, it will take a long time yet, mainly because I was to add so much. Somebody suggested that I divide it into 3 or 4 works. Sounds good. Again, what say You? 🙂


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  2. Publishing online has become a viable and accepted option. It is definitely worth exploring, especially since your primary goal is not financial gain.

    I have always favored eating the elephant one bite at a time. So writing the book in stages sounds like a great idea. In fact, it would give you the chance to develop a readership. Not many people read “War and Peace” or “The Gulag Archepelego” at one sitting, given their length. But millions are devoted followers of series like “The Vikings” (now in its 5th season). It can be both engaging and powerful when a story slowly unfolds.

    If there is anything I can do to help, just let me know.

    Your friend,

    Anna ❤

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    1. My Dear Anna, You are both Kind and Wise. Your words give me more ideas. …I had just been concentrating on writing, and was thinking of dividing it into parts later. But I have enough to publish the first part!

      Do You think it would be a good idea to bring out parts of it in the Blog?

      …My book has Raunchy parts. Would like Your opinion on that.

      Your suggestions and comments are highly appreciated indeed! Thanks for being there!

      Love and Regards. 🙂

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  3. I suggest you do some research re: online publishing, before rushing the book to the public. You can find alot of articles online describing the different options and pitfalls. The time spent will save you grief in the end. Smashwords, Lulu, and BookBaby are all e-publishers geared toward independent authors.

    I am unfamiliar with copyright law in India, but I assume you will want to secure copyright protection. You may want to have the book reviewed before you publish it. A good review would help with marketing, i.e. generating interest and creating a reader base. Since there are some 130 million books in existence, competition is stiff. These days an e-chapter may be offered free to readers or even an entire e-book offered free for a short period of time.

    E-books are generally priced lower than print books which can, also, help with marketing. But you should work out an actual marketing plan. Identify and target the various types of readers you think would be interested. For example, would students be inclined to read the book? How will you let students know it exists? You may want to contact the literary societies at some universities or post flyers on campus. Will the book have a historical element? You may want to identify all the historical societies in your province or India overall. How will you let them know about the book? You may want to run an inexpensive ad in a historical society newspaper or journal. Book clubs often welcome a visit from an author. Will the book be addressing issues of social justice? You may want to contact university Sociology Depts. or bar associations.

    As for racy material, I am unfamiliar with the laws in India governing obscenity. Knowing you, I doubt your material crosses the line into bad taste. However, I advise caution. I came across these articles: “Be Legal, Be Intelligent: Cyber Obscenity” on New India Law at https://newindialaw.blogspot.com/2012/11/v-behaviorurldefaultvmlo.html; “Legal Framework Regulating Obscenity: An Indian Perspective” on Academia at http://www.academia.edu/805572/Legal_Framework_Regulating_Internet_Obscenity_An_Indian_Perspective; “Cyber Pornography Law in India – the Grey Law Decoded” on iPleaders at https://blog.ipleaders.in/cyber-pornography-law-india/; and “Punishment for publishing or receiving obscene material in electronic form” on iPleaders at https://blog.ipleaders.in/obscene-material-electronic-form/.

    I hope this helps. You are welcome to email me, whenever you’d like to discuss this further.

    With love and friendship,


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    1. My Dear Anna, Thanks for all this, and You have really taken a lot of trouble over this.

      I went through One site. As all this seems like a lot of legalese, in which I am a Zero, (I even hated canon law), in my opinion they have left it at grey.

      My type is of what I have read in Frederick Forsythe’s ‘The Jackal’ and Ken Follet’s ‘Triple.’ And the intention, and which after reading Your kind message I am not sure of keeping up, was to drum up some more readership.

      I am still mulling over it. 🙂

      Once again Thanks and Love.


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