Crap in the name of Justice in India


That is, I cannot speak about other countries. But here…

The politicos have made laws that politicos cannot be prosecuted without clearance from authorities, which in effect comes from them.

Now our dear joodges have done the same.

Here is just One citation:

Nov 14, 2017 05:09 PM IST | Source: PTI

Judges bribery case: Supreme Court dismisses plea for SIT probe

The apex court rejected the petition filed by lawyer Kamini Jaiswal, making it clear that the CBI’s FIR was not against any judge and neither was it possible to lodge such a complaint against a judge.


And the above is not isolated; the search for ‘judge bribery case’ yields, as You see, more than 300,000  results!

Now let’s note this: It is Not possible to lodge such a complaint against a joodge. Since the article starts with the title of Bribery, such a complaint means Bribery charges cannot be made against a joodge.

Or, You can make them all You like, but the jughers will not even hear it. Even the plea will be rejected.

No FIR is possible. Because, No Evidence, they say. Fellow, FIR itself means First INFORMATION Report. We give You an information. It is for You to examine if there is sufficient Evidence.

By Refusing even to admit a Plea, to lodge an FIR, the courts of India, – even the supreme court, – have proved that they are Corrupt.

It will harm the reputation of that body, the supreme court seems to have said. As if it has Any reputation today. Jughers, your name is Mud, as far as the Average Citizen is concerned.

But you all have the hide of Rhinoceros. Go eat from your ill gotten money, and I don’t have to remind you to drink, and roll in your bed without sleep. At least that much I can Curse you.


11 thoughts on “Crap in the name of Justice in India”

    1. My Dear Anna, I really admire You! From what I understand You are a lawyer/advocate, and You Really advocate the Cause of the People, …but You are So Calm!

      And here I am, a Catholic Priest, a Sannyasi, who is constantly on the boil, uses words like ****, and later feels bad for having used them!

      Good to be in contact with me. You bring me Sanity. Love and Blessings. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I ‘have’ read earlier posts of Yours, my Dear Anna, which was why I had written that I know Your mind.

        Went through this one too, and it is Excellent! Kudos to You.

        Love and Blessings to You, too! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  1. After reading this and the news of the smog in India you have my sympathy but not much of it. We are stuck in this country with a total embarrassment of a president who continues to have support among some “Christians.” So many worry about taking Christ out of Christmas, they ought to look at how they have taken Christ out of Christian. We will find our way.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank You for sharing those excellent thoughts, my Dear Phil. You are evidently a man after my own soul, if I have the expression right.

      I like the way You end it: ‘We will find our way.’

      May We, and our coming generations, find the way.

      Hearty Regards. 🙂

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