Skin for Skin


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The words do not mean what they seem. They do not allude exactly to Revenge.

Let us go back to the context, Job. 2:4.

The evil spirit had destroyed Job’s ‘properties and belongings’ in the earlier chapter, and God says, “Hey, look, fellow, even at this stage Job loves Me and praises Me.”

It is Now that the es says: ‘Skin for Skin.’

What he means is, what had happened to Job had been No Skin off his (physical) back.

The meaning and the lesson: Only when things happen to ‘Us,’ do we scream.

These days I have been writing on what I consider to be the Miserable situation of our Justice system, and I continue in that vein today.

Saw it mentioned in the NDTV today that a cab driver tried to Abduct a (woman) judge.

And did You notice that? The HC, the high court raises a red flag.

  • When about a Billion ‘Ordinary’ gals get abducted, Green Flag. One of their own, Immediate Red flag.
  • Smog in Delhi, (guess where so many of these joodges and their families are living?), Red flag.

Well, fellows, I mean you judges, …not that I consider you my fellow Citizens, you are beneath that, but fellows is a derogatory word, anyway, …So, fellows, my regard for you have Not gone even by an Iota.

While I do not want bad things happening even to women judges, …Till the day you pull up your socks, see that all cases get heard and finished within a year, and till there are No ‘unheard cases’ rotting for decades in jails in India, etc., I Curse you.

May your Daughters Spit on your faces, and Run Away from home.



4 thoughts on “Skin for Skin”

  1. A kind heart bleeds at evil and injustice the same way Christ’s did. He did not choose to inflict evil for evil. But He did promise a day of reckoning. Eternal consequences may seem distant, but they are inescapable. I rely on that when the world is too much for me.

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    1. Excellent, my Dear Anna.

      But You and I are not on the dock. It is the Masses, who prefer, always, the easy way out, not even bothering to Protest.

      Both as a Priest and now a Social Activist, and You, a member of the law, shall keep fighting the good fight, of that we may be certain.

      Hearty Regards. 🙂

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