Needed: Holes in the Head


Quaint saying, is it not? That one needs something like a hole in the head.

It all comes from fellows who passed merely the 4th grade. Who do not know the difference between what they ‘want’ and what they ‘need.’

It is like the modern generation that has been led to believe that it ‘needs’ newer and newer cell phones, and deodorants. This latter most probably because they never listened to their Moms, and never have a bath.

First of all I think it is Idiocy that ‘laws’ would have be made ad infinitum. Is there going to be no end to it, fellows? For this we pay a lump of money to lumps of fat, who go on tours, travel by convoys, and treat the tax payer like dogs.

If laws have to be made at all, they have to be made by the BEST brains in the country. The only thing the present law makers are best in is how to dupe and sway the public, – who are gullible and lazy enough for that to work, of course. And, to continue, the so called law makers being good at nothing else.

That reminds me. An old joke. We have to admit that they are good at something, namely, Good for Nothing.

To go back, they say that India ‘needs’ a statue that would be world’s tallest. That it would cost Rs. 3,500 Crores (35 Billion).

*This paragraph is an Addition to the original. …Speaking of 35 Billions, the don in ‘The Italian job’ was going around killing with guns for a mere 35 Million. Note the difference. Billion vs Million. India is going to pour 35 Billion on a statue.

A similar amount, as I have said, is to be spent on Bazooka trains, I do mean Bullet trains. And on Idiotic statues of ‘Elephants,’ hundreds of them, in Uttar Pradesh, put up by the previous chief minister there, ‘so that people would know what an elephant looks like.’

And 3,00,000 Farmers have committed Suicide in India because Farming is proving to be a Loss for them.

I ask the College and University going Youth, instead of gettin way laid by the advertisements for Cell phones and Deodorants, see if You have decent roads for Your motor bikes, if the crowding of trains could not be made better, what not.


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