A Time to Close our Eyes


That is paraphrasing the Proverbs (in the Bible), of course. But would hold true, nonetheless.

I see that my short story, ‘The Hacker,’ has not gone down well with my friends even in the Blogging world. Perhaps it IS time to close our eyes, and I, fool that I am, am blundering along.

Here is another: a Five year old molested, and a lathi (the six foot Indian stave), inserted in her private parts, and she succumbs to Injuries. Please look at the very bottom of the graphic.

I had videographed this, but wordpress does not allow posting of such videos, (except from YouTube, etc). This above by screen capture from mine.

I would like an opinion from my Esteemed readers as to just how they think these things can be stopped.



  1. First, there must be an attitude adopted that children deserve to be believed and protected. This may be the most difficult step, as it requires a societal change. The press can be an ally, in this regard.

    Second, resources must be directed toward the problem. Nothing can be accomplished without this.

    Third, every case must investigated — forensically and otherwise. This requires professional expertise. In the US, there are Child Advocacy Centers across the country which work together with police. There are special prosecutors trained to deal with sex crimes.

    Fourth, legislative reform must be undertaken to strengthen penalties. Public protest can help. In the US, for instance, MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Drivers) has had a significant impact, raising awareness of the problem of drunk driving and putting pressure on legislators. It ought to be possible to organize mothers or fathers or teachers or social workers or any other group interested in the welfare of children — one school, one neighborhood, and one city at a time.

    Fifth, where appropriate, prosecution must be undertaken and pursued to the full. No favors for rank or monetary influence. This will not eliminate the problem, but it can act as a deterrent.

    Sixth, psychological counseling must be made available to victims.

    This is a fallen world. I do not believe evils like this will ever be entirely eradicated. But we can take measures to curtail and punish them, to the extent humanly possible.

    We will in two weeks be celebrating the birth of a Child who gave His life to save the world. Whatever we do to protect children, honors Him. “But Jesus said, ‘Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven’ ” (Matt. 9: 14).

    Have a blessed Christmas, Swami.

    With love,

    Anna ❤

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    • My Dear Anna,

      Really, and Very much appreciate Your taking time to respond in such a positive manner, and in so much detail.

      I find Your 4th point worthy of note: Namely, that public protest ‘can’ help.

      I differ from You in this that Public interest in public affairs Alone ‘will’ help.

      As I have said time and again, Democracy is a God given, Wonderful tool for Us. We not only elect the administration, we can topple them, using ‘The Right to Recall,’ as one of the eminent, but small politicians of India, Arvind Kejriwal, the chief minister of Delhi, suggests.

      We can Make our Administrators, the politicians et al, Do what we want, all in positive ways, and that is what I want to show through my novel, but which is brought out only in the third book of the series.

      Christ had said that the Poor will always be with us. And, as You say, criminality will always be there. But as some of the thinkers and speakers in India have even started mentioning, much heinous crime is taking place, and its incidence growing, because these same criminals have come to the conclusion, through practical experience, that no action is going to be taken against them, and that nothing serious is going to happen to them.

      In that the use of Violence ‘Has’ to be there, till the end of time, to keep the fear of God in the ungodly.

      Hearty Regards and love. Yesudas.

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  2. The post was informative. I know this happens. All I can say is castration comes to mind. I wish ‘something’ could be done. I’m not a political activist, I couldn’t do the castrating but something has got to be done to protect those who can’t protect themselves from such brutes.
    Its the new, relative liberalism that thinks everything is Ok because they’won’t be punished’, no conscience. But that little girl is deserving of sweet revenge from the law, from GOD! So she could be justified from such a brutal act and no one will and she may remain broken. Died. Sorry and gone straight to heaven! If thats any comfort… It is to me!…

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    • Thank You, Brother, for taking the time to read and to respond. Very kind of You. This itself is Social Activism. Participation!

      Of this we can be Certain, that the evil minded and the evil doers will not at all escape Divine Justice. The thing is Our role in Controlling such evil on earth.

      With Regards, Yesudas.


      • Swami Yesudas, You mentioned God took your anger. But in reading about this I am very angry and I don’t think GOD needs to take it. It is like indignant that somebody would do this. I think my anger is ok and justified, in balance. This in the law of God would be treated very strongly. Murderers were killed and fornicators. What is our role in controlling such a thing? The threat of physical violence too strong?

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      • My Dear JP, I could not find where I have mentioned that God took my Anger. I would not say a thing like that.

        I Would say that He helped overcome my anger.

        In this, I am Sure Your Anger and mine must be quite different. In my case, I was guilty of using too much of words or actions for even small things.

        Of course Anger is OK! The Word says that.

        When You ask me the last questions, it would seem that You have not read much of my site.

        I am a firm believer in punishing the criminals, right here on earth.

        Regards and Compliments of the Season. 🙂


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