As the Clock Struck Noon

Hello, Folks, for this moving post, I wrote a comment to Jennie, and I would like that to be the introduction to my Reblog.

My Dear Jennie, greetings, and Thanks for sharing.

But, as I write this, and as I was reading Yours, I have Tears in my eyes and Anger in my heart.

India does not have too many War veterans. And those that are seem to be getting by.

All my knowledge of the West comes from reading and seeing the photographs; have never been West.

Through Your post I would like to address the Citizens of the US, to state that ‘THE LIVING VETERANS ARE BEING FORGOTTEN AND IGNORED.’

Aren’t a Very Large of them members of the ‘Homeless?’ After Such sacrifice, to be Ignored, on the Streets, even Hungry! I am Angry indeed.

Hope the US does More for its Veterans. My salutations to them. And Regards to You, my Dear.

A Teacher's Reflections

Today I was a small part of honoring those who have served and given the ultimate sacrifice.  A wreath was laid at Arlington National Cemetery at noon.  Simultaneously, cemeteries across America participated in the same wreath laying ceremony.  It was humbling.  I was proud to be there.

Thanks to Wreaths Across America, people all over the country could be part of this important event.  There’s something special about small town America.  Seems to me that paying respect in my own back yard has far more meaning.  Close to home and close to heart.  It feels good.

Westford is the next town over and much like my small town of Groton, full of old homes and a pretty landscape.  People smile and greet each other.  Neighbors help neighbors.  The cemetery is close to the center of town.  For a small town it is a big cemetery, and full of the graves…

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