Sautson files a report


Sautson, (Not Watson, of course), files this report, on the second of January 2018.

Yesudas kept himself busy during the past days in these ways:

Sometime in the recent past he wrote about 3,000 words in his Novel in two days, which flattened him.

On the 28th and the 29th, he took seminars in English for a group of 60 teachers from two different schools.

Tamil Nadu having the Dubious distinction of having those who come out of its Colleges being dubbed: ‘Un-Employable,’ Yesudas was happy that Mr. Ilango, shown below, had arranged these classes.

Participation was both Lively and Good. There were also some interesting instances like where a teacher wanted to know whether the words ‘Is and Are’ signify the Present tense or the Past.

Yesudas was ably and kindly assisted by Mss. Saranyaa and Bhaarti, of Mr. Ilango’s team. They took the class through some Activities which gave Yesudas some respite, for, except for Mr. Ilango winding up the seminar on the last day, the whole of the sessions were taken by Yesudas; which flattened him a bit more! Haha.

On the 30th a similar seminar were held by him for a group of 15 teachers in a different school. Both the standard and results were very similar to the one above.

Yesudas would be attending his Nephew’s wedding in Mangalore on the 4th of Jan, for which he will travel up there on the 3rd, a journey of 16 hours by train, and return the very next day, on the 5th, by similar journey!

On the 8th, 9th and 10th, Yesudas has been asked to explain some things in the Bible by a small group of Young men from Pondicherry. He intends to use the time also to take them through a Retreat.

Wise man that he is, (Haha), he is conserving his energy otherwise; by trying to watch programmes over the TV, playing Chess and Free Cell on the Computer when he fires it up at all, and sending notes like these to me, namely, Sautson, Yours truly.

Yesudas asks me to inform You All, his esteemed Friends, that he would be meeting You All over the net when the Young Men’s Retreat is over. He sends his Regards.

End of Report. 🙂



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