4 Powerlifters killed; Fog Arrested


As You might have heard, Heavy Fog, and the resultant Impaired visibility have resulted in the cancellation of many Flights, Trains, or their rescheduling.

This has not been the condition of just one day. The Fog has been its effect felt for the last many weeks.

Thus 4 Power-lifters of India died, and one ‘world champion,’ has been injured in a Fog related accident.

As such our champions of the law and order have duly arrested Fog.

To read more about the reasons behind the death of these Brainy fellows, as in:

“A senior police officer said the car was speeding**, adding there were some bottles around and the possibility of drink driving cannot be ruled out.”

**Speeding in a Fog! That’s why I have called them Brainy Fellows.

You may like to read the source:


PS: The ‘law and order,’ under the orders of the central administration, would have liked to arrest Arvind Kejriwal, the chief minister of Delhi, as he dared to win by a massive majority. Possibly because of the Fog, they have not succeeded. But they assure us that they are trying.


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