Beliefs: Real and fake

Very Good one, this!
“You are who you are.” – From the post.


Some people spend days, years even a lifetime “searching for themselves”. I say STOP. You are just wasting your time. There has never been a greater lie. You are who you are. It is inside you. Who you have always been. There is no question to have. It is who you were since the very first day you were born, who you were when you were a kid, as a teenage, as a adult… It doesn’t change. Sure we grow up, we mature, we learn, we correct some things, but ultimately, it is still you. Still the same person who wakes up every morning, with those beliefs, those values, those goals, those passions.

It is always you. You haven’t changed, you are still you. So stop finding excuses for your lame self and start becoming your better self. Your real self. You might need a big slap in the face…

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