India’s Aadhar Card Embroglio


Sample Image, from the Internet.

Aadhaar, as it should be spelt in English, means the Base, the Basis.

In effect The Aadhaar Card stands for a Basic Identity Proof for the Citizen of India.


  • One’s Photograph, – which is Monkey business, given that All Administrative work, including its Camera Lenses, are Smudged, no bother taken to clean them properly, no real cleaning materials provided, – it costs money to buy them up, after all,
  • One’s Fingerprints, – which is Also Monkey business, for the above mentioned reasons, only, in this case, perhaps they are not lenses,
  • And One’s Iris Imprint,

The Aadhaar Card Can and Should be a Foolproof Identity basis.

If this were Properly Implemented, it can make Short work of Crooks.

  • Make it Compulsory for Opening Bank Accounts, and You know who has how much, and more, if he has paid his taxes!
  • Ditto for Voting. No headaches about False votes then.

They already have it used for Train Reservations, and Hotel Occupancy.  Useful if You want to keep track of Crooks. …But, without doing the above mentioned two, this step is Hogwash. Being Penny wise and Pound foolish.

Mega business understands this. And course, aren’t they the clever ones? In conjunction with the RTI, the Right to Information, the Citizen can know which minister (politics is business, after all) had how much before he took office, and how much later, et al.

And for this Mega business would like to squash this scheme. Through its itsy bitsy mouth  pieces, of course.

Whichever good and brave soul dreamed the Aadhaar card up, with whatever half understanding, seems to have garnered enough support to get this going.

But politicos, past masters at saying something and doing exactly the opposite, – and Not wanting the scheme implemented (remember, they are in danger of people knowing how many and which all colleges, not to say jewellery shops, they are running),

Say at one time that the Card in Mandatory for Everything, from the lowly Ration shops (supposed Fair price shops), buying of Cell phones and Sim cards, Bank accounts and what not.

And pesky little Fools, the Media in particular, – who knows, maybe the mouthpieces of the politicos and mega business, knowing little, in the true sense of the word, cry foul, saying their privacy is being invaded.

My Question is: What does the Average, Humble Citizen, got to Hide?

In all this, the SC of India, the so called soopreem court, not the Scheduled Castes, is supposed to adjudicate.

I Really Wonder just how the courts think they know anything at all. Are they Philosophers? Experts in Any field?


All they carry out are the Wishes of the politicos. Direct ones are Well Hidden; Indirect wishes are given to the judges in the form of new laws. Just remember who makes the laws.

Aadhaar Card as an End to Corruption can work Only When it is Implemented without Corruption.

Speaking of Corruption, I call the Delay in getting any kind of utterance from the courts, these taking one’s very life time, as the Highest Corruption.

Today, when You can’t trust the findings of a Post-Mortem, just How are We to believe that they would be handling Mega cash in the banks without taking bribes and cooking up reports?

I also hear that right when the scheme came up, Millions of settlers from other states, many of whose subjects are feared to be Terrorists today, got the cards, through Cash changing hands, or through Carelessness.

To wind up, The Aadhaar Card is a Fine Idea. It can even prevent a New-York-Tower kind of thing happening. …If done properly and without Corruption. …Politicos and Mega business would not want this for stated reasons.

I should have Added the names of Joodges among those who have unaccounted Wealth. They would be caught too!

And judges are the ones who have the Final say on all this. Real Embroglio.


6 thoughts on “India’s Aadhar Card Embroglio”

  1. You think All this happen for the goodness of the people? or to stop the corruption ? It’s a drama of politicos to cheat the people, the person in office who does the author verifications doesn;t even know how to click the mouse properly.

    They just spend 50% of the money and they eat other half, and moreover our Debit cards are much better than Aadhar cards, yes this is for the life and they just print and give it to you. Govt says its mandatory at the one end , and Soupbrim court says it;s not, and do we have two people ruling us? and govt doesnt care what court says and they keep thinking which department to ask to connect the addhar mandatory..banks,gas, and what else? ….


  2. Your passion for justice is obvious, Swami. Sadly, this is an imperfect and corrupt world. It will break your heart. But your voice will not be silenced. That puts you on the side of the angels. “Open your mouth for the mute, for the rights of all who are destitute” (Prov. 31: 8). ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. How right You are, my Dear Anna, about my passion for Justice, this imperfect and corrupt world, and by heart being in quasi permanent position of brokenness(!).

      Yet I get Your Support and that of many others. Yours is Very Important to me. Very much appreciated; and Thanks a Lot, indeed.

      Love and Regards. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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