A Massacre in Tamil Nadu due to Police Firing


The Tutucorin incident must be fresh enough in our minds; it is being broadcast even by the English channels. At least 13 people were killed by (so called) police fire.

The Tamil Nadu police higher up’s have gone record saying that the People had indulged in violence; had pelted stones, overturned vehicles.

And, lo and behold, the People were immediately given the 1st prize, in the form of Death at the hands of the police.

The police have indeed posted video(s) of people pelting stones. But they have not been able to show some in support of their claim that the People had set Fire to vehicles. What I venture to say is that We just have to wait; those kinds of videos take Time to Manufacture, after all. 😦

The media has pursued and identified the police Killer. But, the so called officer, who had not only handed him the SLR, (the Automatic Rifle), but had also told him: “At least one Must Die,” is being left scot free.

A video, in which media had identified the Shooter, seems to have been removed from YouTube. This can be viewed in my Facebook page.

Is this My India? Is this going to be My India?


4 thoughts on “A Massacre in Tamil Nadu due to Police Firing”

    1. Thank You, my Dear Phil! …Did not know that the situ was similar over there. Extremely Sad. …Very kind of You to enquire about me. By God’s Grace and Your prayers am keeping well. Hope and pray for the same for You and Yours. Regards. 🙂

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