Hate Speeches by the #bjp


Under Modi Government, VIP HATE SPEECH Skyrockets – By 500%

…Says this #NDTV report, vide:



BJP lawmakers top the list in hate speech related cases:



But, if You raise Your voice against this, YOU will be put in Jail! Vah re aaj ka India ( Wonderful India of today )!


7 thoughts on “Hate Speeches by the #bjp”

  1. George Orwell in his futuristic novel “1984” coined the term “doublespeak”. This is language which deliberately obscures and distorts the meaning of words, particularly in the political context. Sadly, the novel has become reality.

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    1. Very much so, as regards Your words at the end, my Dear Anna! The ruling party in India has come up with a word of its own, among many others, I guess, namely, ‘the Urban Naxal/Terrorist.’ They are definitely influencing the Less informed. Hearty Regards to You. 🙂

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