The catholic church BEGS us to leave it!


[ You might be interested in going through the ‘conversations‘ and the links in this post. Lots of matter there! ]

And YET I remain one, in Theology and in Spirit, though definitely Not in Name – I call myself an Indian Christian.

Now the cases in point, (Yes, I can present Two of them, over and above the above, Miserable cartoon):

An Archbishop, no less, who Claims  he Didn’t Know Sex With Children Was A Crime. Perhaps he thought it was ‘merely’ a sin; not a crime.

I believe in Violence. This would be an Excellent example for my Advocating it.

I have heard of criminals nailing people’s fingers to a table. Do the Same for this fellow, Only, Do it to Another part, please.

This second is More recent, in the sense that it is in the Indian news just now. A bishop is accused of ‘raping’ a nun.

Though ‘that,’ namely ‘Rape,’ does not hold much water for me. 75% No. YET, for a bishop to do that! Not that beeshops are not humans. And Many, Many of them, not to say Priests, not to say Nuns, not the least of all Popes, are guilty of it.

WHY keep this ‘Celibacy’ stuff at all? Anyway, that is a Different question.

Now, here is the fellow:

beeshop franco mullakkal, of Jullundhar, India.

And what happens if You complain? In the church where ‘Charity’ (Caritas, LOVE) is supposed to reign? They would Ostracise You, Terrorise You.

A little More:


12 thoughts on “The catholic church BEGS us to leave it!”

  1. You should leave. You can’t go on condoning what these priests and beeshops have done. Did Jesus do that? That have changed the Bible and believe they are the one true religion. Heck with religion. What catholics need is a relationship with Christ and to obey HIM in the major ways. Celibacy is impossible for most and not healthy. This never would have happened if they weren’t so slow to be human.


    1. Hello, JP!

      Thank You for Your interest. Yet, Your response raises many questions.

      Let me come to Your ‘condoning’ statement. Am Most surprised that You seem to think that I am condoning them. We are at Extremes here.

      To say that they, where I am sure You mean the catholics, have ‘changed’ the Bible, is, for me being Unreal. For me, the catholic church does not lack in Orthodoxy (Theory), but in Praxis (Practise).

      If You think catholics, all of them, lack in a ‘Relationship’ with Christ, or do not Obley Him, I disagree with You.

      I have No intention of ‘leaving’ and starting another line or whatever.

      To be Real would mean having a Real Name, a Real Id. Do that, please.

      Regards. 🙂

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  2. I have to admit I didn’t see this coming from you. I understand and recognize that crimes were committed not just sins. There are and need to be punishments and restitution. A serious penance for those who may have been aware and looked the other way and simply should have been aware. I was raised a Catholic and if asked would reply I remain a catholic. There are many current teachings by the Catholic Church I find objectionable and inconsistent with the church beliefs. Numerous priests have made me want to walk out of church during their sermons but I refuse to leave and rather believe they have already left the church. I don’t attend as frequently nor contribute nor participate as much. Regardless it is still my church not theirs and their followers. I still place hope in Pope Francis that he can change some directions and attitudes. Hopefully I am not just looking the other way.


    1. My Dear Phil,

      Thank You for this lovely note. Am surprised that You are surprised. Have written ‘Plenty’ in this vein, even in the blog, which I have edited and given links.

      Am not sure what exactly You are referring to in not seeing it coming from me. My violence?

      Let me reply to that, in any case.

      My Only Interest, as an elder, as Many of Us are – even among our Friends in the blog world, we need Not be ordained, after all! – is to see the cessation of evil. Violence is a ‘Try’ at that. The Old English saying: ‘Spare the rod and spoil the child’ is sadly and wrongly abolished.

      The Lord’s Anger in the OT is played down by us! We are placing ourselves above God, I would say!

      But Christ reflected the OT in: “It is Better that a grindstone, etc.”

      Paul says that in ‘It is a Terrible thing to fall in the hands of the Living God.’ Heb. 10.31.

      As an ‘Ashramite,’ and not going for too many ‘church’ functions, am not sure what You are referring to by way of objectionable and inconsistent teachings.’

      As for me, at this end of the world, there is a Lot of Greed, Too much of it, in fact.

      The Other fault of priests, (at least here), is their not practising what they preach.

      pope Francis is good. But Not good enough.

      You definitely do not seem to be looking the other way!

      Hearty Regards to You! 🙂

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