More on dear bishop franco!


The fellow has the Temerity to say that he is ready to be hanged if found guilty!

Any Doubt that #bishops are #politicians?! 🙂

Now, From my Tweets today:

1. Hv bn sitting on the Fence for long enough. Let me Speak out. …#BishopFranco is bringing out to Light the Failings of the #CatholicChurch.

2. WHICH #pope#bishop or #priest can say he is sinless/guiltless? Why not Accept that, #BishopFranco ? Trying to show that you are something spl only blackens you more.

3. #BishopFranco’s Malicious Efforts to Malign his Victim is Most Deplorable. But Typical. As I had posted sometime ago, very much akin to the cartoon I attach here.

4. More Importantly, not just #BishopFranco, but All #Bishops have been playing God. We the People find them Most Unworthy, if not Worthless.

PS: As I wrote in Tamil, just Watch the Fun that is going to start now! Am expecting the beehives to open up, I mean the beeshops coming down on me like a ton of bricks! 🙂


3 thoughts on “More on dear bishop franco!”

  1. I grew up in a Protestant family, they were not regular attenders at church. I myself as a child and teenager would go to church to escape from violence at home. I thought church would be a place of safety for me, not so because I was sexually abused several occasions. My father believed if girls were abused it was their own fault so nothing was ever done about it.


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